Monday, March 28, 2011

ViiiP square: the metamorphosis of Thomas

We still remember him, shy, reserved in. With a Gothic style. Leather bracelets and necklaces scrap. Today, Thomas is a new man. Or at least, "as he likes to be called. Because it is vital that man and the first name. Remember he was born a hermaphrodite, and that physically he is both man and woman.

Although he grew up as a boy, he always wanted to take his feminine side. Today, we find more women than ever in ViiiP Square. In the columns of our colleagues Closer, he says: "I lost 16 pounds since Secret Story. Now, I put on heels, I am more feminine." And it is to dot the i's, "But I am not a transvestite or transsexual." That being said.

Soon breasts? Thomas, more exuberant than ever (evolve alongside drolissime Benedict is surely something to do), does not one day have to use plastic surgery to be more woman than today. Yes, obviously, the collars, high heels and makeup no longer sufficient. Thomas can go much further: "Perhaps one day I'll put breasts, who knows?".

Although in his sneakers (and on his heels!), Thomas has even become "singers". He even offered a fine performance this weekend on the set of the show. He can not do his job, but it's nice to see anyway!

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