Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Moundir, Giuseppe and Loana met: 10 years of reality TV

Imagine a space would be combined Moundir, Giuseppe, Vincent McDoom and Loana ... The dream becomes reality thanks to the magazine VSD, which was attended by nine candidates have marked 10 years of reality TV. Or rather, those who agreed to appear. Thus participants Square Viiip did not pray and found Benoit and Thomas aka Brigitte and Josie in addition to the great hero of Who wants to marry my son?.

The fighters of Koh Lanta, Moundir and Jade have also responded to the invitation of Diana as Temptation Island and Magalie Vae, winner of Star Academy and sole representative of télécrochets. But the most anticipated is the "queen of reality TV" in the words of McDoom, the candidate of the first legendary Loft Story Loana! Obviously, the years have passed and the candidates have made their journey piercing for some in the media.

Others seem a bit less fit as Loana itself are going to talk time on hard times. But it gets better, do not worry. When the last-born are the fittest: "I achieved what I wanted!" Giusppe said. Thomas, a former Secret Storyet Viiip Carré Viiip shows himself also as a fish in water. After all what he and Benedict have done, "it's normal to be there!".

The surprising discovery is that of Giuseppe and Moundir, two men from the sun that express mutual respect and joke about the different bluntly Giuseppe toddlers who are running around on the planet. Reference to Khadifa that the Italian had met during the show Who wants to marry my son?, Got pregnant by accident.

The two belong together!

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