Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Square Viiip: Cindy and Giuseppe full domestic scene (VIDEO)

"You'll forget me for life." But what happened to Cindy for it to be as upset? It seems that his great story with the macho "Who wants to marry my son?", Giuseppe, is in dire straits. Cindy has suspicions, Cindy is jealous! Italian seducer would have been a little too close to the small WannaViiip Aurélie (walking on the beds of Kevin, too!).

But that does not happen like that. We do not call him the young woman "girl power" for nothing. Unfortunately, his attempt to pass a bad time to Giuseppe looks very much like a failure. Giuseppe good laughs at his comedy and finally burst out "It lacks a box ...". As he goes! "I'll have destabilized Cindy, it took me a week," is he struts.

After the massage Xenia, Giuseppe would he ventured a little too on the side of Aurelia? Cindy, meanwhile, is on the brink of hysteria and whining from the sofa. But after the last images, the two lovebirds do not seem so angry that this ...

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