Monday, March 28, 2011

Pipi Estrada and charged against Bethlehem Miriam Esteban Sánchez and Jorge Javier Vázquez in what I say!

On Monday, counselors from the love of Women and Men and vice versa, Pipi Estrada and Miriam Sanchez are the protagonists of the magazine do you say! In the interview basically go over their five years together and relationship as a couple, but also had some words of Jorge Javier Vázquez, who Pipi not end very well after his altercation with Jimmy Giménez Arnau and Belén Esteban Sánchez with whom Miriam has had Hard dialectical exchanges.

Both agree that they have a wonderful daughter and Miriam that their relationship has been very intense and have its pluses and minuses. Pipi confesses: "I've realized that Miriam is the engine of my life. We both have character and a way of looking at life differently. But I can not live without it.

Now we have moments of passion and emotional balance. " Miriam complains that it lacks a little romantic side as a man who has the hot, padrazo and hardworking. Pipi works in various sports programs they are often left out drink until the wee hours of the morning, something that does not bother if it's true that Miriam is with friends.

Pipi says you need space and would not mind that Miriam was there, after intimate enemy where he works. While conceding that Estrada is classist and sexist, your partner says he loves and is with him because he is the best I have found. As for sex, sometimes thought of carrying a Pipi sexual detoxification treatment he was subjected to Michael Douglas.

As her relationship with Jorge Javier Vázquez, Pipi says: "The brain is Cyclothymic rapist: When you greet me and when not, happens," while Miriam adds: "When I spoke of Belén Esteban, I criticized. But if you can criticize him. I do not welcomed in the corridors. " With respect to the people's princess, Estrada says, "Bethlehem is a milonga in the deep Spain, which has a virtual success with an expiration date and tragic end.

It is surrounded by mariachis balls, and she thinks the role of social engineering. When I meet her, I'm going with my head high. I would be happy if we cast them in Tele 5 "Miriam says," Bethlehem screams in terror, do not know if you experience a seizure live. I laugh at the co-anchor, is ridiculous and pathetic.

Check belching, cursing, absurd gestures ... the princess is chonis, as tacky. Nobody has the courage to mess with it for fear that they throw. "

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