Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Valerie Begue: fulfilling work and in love

This is a very loving Miss! One that will soon participate in the rally gazelles gave an interview in which is shown to completely fulfilled and happy. Valerie Begue, posting a pleasure not pretend to share his happiness, said: "I am happy and fulfilled with Camille, I found a true balance." "Camille" is Camille Lacourt, swimmer and recent hero of the France team nataion whose exploits came to the ears of some after they noticed that JT, anyway, it was sometimes Cute little guy.

"He's a profoundly good, who exudes good humor, he is always positive and sweet." Cute, not that! Flushed with love and professionally since his attérissage as a presenter at Live 8, what could well complete the happiness of the former Miss France? Maybe a baby. It turns out that Valerie is the godmother of Ava, granddaughter Alexandra Roitfeld, former Miss France as well.

And it's not the hours of babysitting that Valerie has spent with the little that have dissuaded a family, quite the opposite: "It was I who begged Alex to go out and she leaves me m 'take care of her daughter, "said the girl. She finally admits: "I want to have children." Whether it clear to Camille: it is fine to have it out of its pool!

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