Monday, March 28, 2011

Carlos Baute is getting married this summer in Latvia

Since he started the romance with the architect, Astrid Klisans, wedding bells have rung around Carlos Baute. And it seems that it is a reality and the singer has confirmed to the magazine QMD!. Only a year ago that the artist broke with his girlfriend for ten years, Malaga, Beatriz Miranda, and then confessed that he needed love and affection, something he found very early in the Venezuelan and future wife.

It appears that Astrid and singer, of Venezuelan parents, already known since childhood and after the break, they returned to resume the friendship and love grew between them and again gave a new turn in the singer's love life. Apparently, the wedding will take place in early July in Latvia, the country of residence of the family of the bride of Venezuela.

It will be a civil ceremony will take place in early July. It will be very close and that she will attend only the most direct family and close friends of the couple. Although after speaking of a religious wedding in Spain. It seems that the wedding will take place by the pressure exerted parents of the bride should be very traditional ideas, and although Baute already know, that to live without going through the altar, do not go with their ideas .

Nor is it has fallen by surprise, after this Christmas, the singer asked the hand of his girlfriend, then to give 'do want' was not expected to happen at any time.

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