Monday, March 28, 2011

Rocío Carrasco unhappy with the marriage of Moher in Yerbabuena Chayo

Many fronts have been opened at the time of announcing the impending wedding in less than two weeks between Chayo Moher and Andrew Fernandez. The daughter of Rosa Benito Amador Mohedano and marries pregnant with her second child and these days has had many problems, again with Antonio Roof, father of her only child for now.

Besides, have not escaped the boyfriend who has spoken to his relationship with Maria de Mora and Marlene Mourreau and now they say that Rocio Carrasco would be upset because his cousin got married in Yerbabuena. What we all know is that the relationship of Moher from die Rocío Jurado is far less fluent, though they strive to appear normal.

When everything was rushing to marry Mohedano Chayo, arose comments saying that the daughter of "greatest" is not agreed to organize this celebration in Yerbabuena, Ortega Cano managed farm, where he married and Rocio Jurado Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores. Rosa Benito Ortega Cano claimed that she was delighted when he learned that the couple wanted to marry on the farm and this greatly facilitates the work with an agenda as adjusted.

Kiko Hernandez said the issue Yerbabuena and Ortega Cano is done with great intention in the face of the exclusive magazine Hello! that they apparently paid by the number of celebrity guests. The list of the wedding and is vast, some 400 people of which many will assume that the conclusion Cache and more pages of material for publication.

Precisely for Carmen Martínez Bordiú attend with José Campos, Rosa Benito says they are good friends of Chayo, Andrew, the groom, had to withdraw the invitation to María de Mora and this resulted in the presence of "Madame" in Sálvame Deluxe . Continue in the coming days.

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