Monday, March 28, 2011

Square ViiiP: Marjorie left the game!

This is the first departure in spontaneous ViiiP Square. Marjoram, sulphurous repented, seems to be too chastened. The point of no longer stand reality TV. And expulsion of his family. The one that seemed to doubt more and more these days to finally decided to pack and leave her home in Miami to find his relatives.

"We're out of touch, I do not often hear from my baby and my fiance, I miss them a lot" she says in the confessional. Then she adds: "This kind of adventure, it's not too much for me. I can not find my place here." In his accomplice Alexandra, she says she does not find its bearings in the Square ViiiP: "At first I took a lot from me, and today I can not do it." Chastened and reasoned After reflecting and taking advice from Alexandra, Marjorie decides to start from square ViiiP.

She summoned all the people in the room, announcing that this week was "one of the longest of [his] life." Marjoram surprise, then, once again. But pleasantly. The one we saw multiplying conquests, doing everything to be famous one day if she says it something happened, it "would regret not having put her family ahead." Gossip Rumors.

fr you to watch the start of Marjoram:

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