Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rihanna confesses his sexual tastes and masochistic in Rolling Stone

The singer Rihanna is the top player in the April edition of music magazine Rolling Stone, until then we can say that everything is normal, since the singer from Barbados is currently full, and has given star covers this month. However, what stands out most is the interview atennción. An interview of the most erotic holiday because it, Rihanna reveals her shameful secrets of sex.

Whereupon, such as provocative and sexy music, and know where the inspiration comes. The singer without mincing words, professes to be a woman that likes to be whipped and care. "Using whips and chains too planned ... you have to stop and go get the whip, I prefer that they use their hands," says the publication.

He admits a little masochistic sexual issues and privacy like being the girl from 'someone'. Clearly this trend, says it is derived from the abuse he suffered in his childhood. On the other hand if you look at the spectacular home, we think that to look that great guy, starve. Far from reality, apart from not eating vegetables because you seem to 'grass', their diet consists of chips, snacks and fast foods, which have to be a matter of genetics but not a very balanced diet.

And now thanks to Rolling Stone, we know a little more than Rihanna really has never been much given to talk about his private life so deeply and especially the cover in which sports a mini short, is the most sensual.

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