Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jenifer sings break: The other side of Paradise, his new video (VIDEO)

His previous video, "I dance," already mentioned the break, the singer trying to hunt the memory of his ex by drowning in endless nights. But the pop tune that marked a turning point for the artistic singer revealed by Star Academy, it had attracted the attention of a new public, has nonetheless resulted in a commercial failure, confusing the regulars.

"The Other Side of Paradise", one finds the languid "The Sun" without denying the evolution of the singer 28 years. The flip side of Paradise, "is when we gave her skin for a love that was just window dressing." Silver flowers, flashbacks of past happiness at the edge of a fountain or a bench in a park ...

Jenifer speaks sensitive little heart, does not avoid clichés but with his cute little face and sunshine in a field of flowers shining, everything is lovely. She wants to be called Jen (Call moiJen is the title of his new album released in November 2010) and insists that if Jenifer become his girlfriend, she will find favor.

It will soon be ten years since the young woman was discovered on the plateau by TF1 the words with Jean-Pascal, Jenifer has a right to a premium on seniority. Here you will find the new clip romantic Jenifer, Behind the Scenes

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