Monday, March 28, 2011

Justin Bieber: even in Paris!

He's here! Justin Bieber is back in Paris, a little less than a month and a half after its last visit. Last February, we had found the side of the Grand Rex in Paris for the premiere of his first film, Never Say Never. This time, it is at Bercy that we will see the global star. This is the first time that Justin Bieber did a concert in France in a room as large.

Usually he had to promote itself or take a show-case. Paris is thus the last European tour of the young singer. Justin Bieber is first passed by England (remember scenes of mass hysteria), followed by Germany and the Netherlands. A big hit at every concert ... Beware, there will not be for everyone, since Justin Bieber make only one representation.

Justin wins another mini star in her suitcase And like a star baby may hide another, Justin Bieber is not the only young artist to the squatter scene Bercy. Another star power will ensure the first part: Willow Smith. And this is the main interest has confirmed information on Twitter: "I just learned that my older brother Justin Bieber invited me on his European tour in March.

It's great!". Justin take the opportunity to celebrate his double victory at the Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Victoires de la Musique), having won both the Fan Choice Award (single category designated by the public) and the album price pop of the year for My World 2.0.

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