Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Charlie Sheen insults Denise Richards and accused of stealing his dog

Charlie Sheen news no longer a single day, the actor is in a totally crazy phase of his life and his arrival on twitter, a platform where its message is amplified the issue has not gotten worse. On this occasion, his insults and attacks are not against any member of the CBS series Two and a Half Men, string that seems to him begging to come back, but this still does not know anything firm.

Now Sheen is furious with his ex-wife Denise Richards and demands that he return to his beloved dog. The actress, mother of two daughters of Sheen, broke with him in 2005 and Sheen gave custody of her two dogs for the girls to be with them when they visit their father. However, the state of the interpreter made Denise decided to take the dogs after seeing what happened at the Plaza Hotel in New York in October.

She is a great animal advocate, so he went to the house of Sheen, took them and took them home. Since then, unfortunately effected one of the dogs died, but the actor is willing to fight for the other. On this subject I wrote on Twitter: "we should napalm bomb with the treacherous sorcerer p *** loser.

A vile kidnapper and now a dog thief. I hate you. " Denise Richards refuses to return the dog, insisting that if you can not care for himself or even less will the dog and asks to be left alone.

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