Monday, March 28, 2011

It reveals how will the cake at the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton

Although the wedding is usually what most say is the name of designer wedding gown, People has been able to report and how will the wedding cake. Apparently, the future King of England is quite sweet and personally took care of the cakes to be served at the banquet after the religious ceremony on 29 April.

Fiona Cairns (pictured) is responsible for creating cakes that have asked and promises to surprise. So far it has made it clear that after 25 years as a professional going to do something shocking. The cake will, in his words, "flower arrangements of English-style pastries and a shield with the initials of the parties." But, as mentioned, William called for more sweets at the banquet and not just pie in the end.

In the reception and you can taste a chocolate biscuit cake. The cookies are being specially made by Mc Vitie'sy promise that the cake will be remembered for a long time. The idea of the flowers is to collect the most classic of the country, the cake may be seen in a 3D slide, the rose of England, the Irish shamrock, daffodil of Wales and the Scottish thistle.

The fruit tarts is also on the food. William and Kate went to the Cairns store to test different cakes and fruit has been selected to offer the best. The baker said that "Kate is very clear from the beginning is sweet William. That makes our job much easier. " We can only hope that married life is so sweet to them as their wedding banquet.

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