Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zazie: misery knows no age in "Love Song"

Zazie presents his latest video entitled "Love Song", filmed in a retro, the singer offers a dive in the black and white movies and silent for years 30 and took the opportunity to engage in a scathing critique of our society . Indeed, years pass in vain and technological progress to develop, it remains a constant ... the terrible misery that it spans the years! By using the burlesque and codes of silent film (pushed to the extreme facial expressions, stilted gait, excessive gestures) that the artist manages to deliver his message when he does not love remains ... At least something positive as they say, the hardest being to be alone and in poverty, but let's not be defeatist ...

This video clip of great originality and beauty is rarely signed Didier Fisher, director us plunges into full-Krack of 1929, an economic crisis that brings us directly to our times, Zazie camped there a poor vagabond that prevents a business man to end his days in the fun of his songs! It is then discover and become a star made in Hollywood, her films of adventure, fortune and all that goes with it (toilet, luxurious furs, jewelry ...).

Dissatisfied with his partner of shooting, now finds his diva trader on Wall Sreet to run it when he became destitute ... Love ensues and a sublime Happy End for this clip that is striking for its theme the both scripted and so practical at the same time! This track from the album "Za7ie" follows the operation after the singles "Love Before" and "Be and to Have," a third single, which is part of the zeitgeist despite its outdated clip.

Zazie find its audience on stage, first at the Olympia for a series of nine concerts (from 11 to 21 May 2011) and then a tour through France until February 2012. In his previous clip, "Being and Having" Zazie's "sweet and sour" is already engaged with a wry humor to a critique of consumer society and especially of its excesses, supported by the comedian Omar Sy.

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