Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enrique Iglesias confirmed that there will not be touring with Britney Spears

Although we had informed you tour with Enrique Iglesias Britney Spears, the singer himself has informed the American media that this tour will not happen this time. The singer's insistence to speak with all possible means has served to belie the news. What we can commentators is that the tour was 100% confirmed on Tuesday.

Yesterday, again according to TMZ, when Henry acknowledged that it would be. His phrase sums it up perfectly, "My ego could not bear to Britney Spears." Farewell to the weeks of tough negotiations, dialogue, agreements and statements. The management of both artists is desolate as it hoped to achieve a great public response to the offer to 2 artists with a lot of pull in the U.S..

We do not know exactly is what happened to Enrique Iglesias for refusing to do a tour so important. They say the gossips, and more than likely that Henry would go to the opening act for Britney Spears. Given the need for a stage show concert of the young is more than likely to do so. What he made clear Enrique in all its calls to the media is going to be so, but he had thought about doing this tour.

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