Wednesday, March 30, 2011

George Clooney, a witness in the case of Berlusconi?

This is a quote rather embarrassing for the actor ... The defense of the Italian head of government has just proposed to the court as a witness for the trial of Rubygate. "Rubygate", named after the young girl with whom Berlusconi had had sex. Ruby is a minor, it is a crime punishable in Italy for six months to three years in prison.

Why George Clooney attend it at the trial as a witness? Because he and his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend, apparently) Elisabetta Canalis, attended dinners at Mr. Berlusconi. If Ruby and Berlusconi assured that these dinners were "very wise", this is not the case with dozens of other participants who speak rather of orgies and debauchery parts.

So it would be for George and Elisabetta confirm or refute the statements of young women. It is not yet assured that the actor will attend the trial, the court may effectively deny a witness if satisfied that his remarks might not be sufficiently relevant or informative. Three government ministers have also been proposed as witnesses by the defense, but George is the only celebrity whose name has been filtered.

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