Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rihanna: "I love that binds me and give me the spanking"

Showing chains and handcuffs, shaggy mane and leather held in the clip S & M when it is not on stage, Rihanna has a sense of sexual provocation. But his orientation sadomasochistic not stop her clothing style and music: it evokes this in his press trends in bed. In the next Rolling Stone, Rihanna on the cover, the singer speaks bluntly of what she loves ...

"Be obedient to the bed can be very funny. Must simper, ending up with a macho and that 'you make your case. I find it funny.". Before continuing, "I prefer it to be spontaneous. Whips and chains, it's a little too planned. (...) I prefer that he uses his hands." Thank you, Rihanna, for all these details! The transition is difficult to light the other topic of the interview, namely, her ex, Chris Brown, who has demonstrated a violence not just as enjoyable for the young Rihanna.

The R'n'B star has explained the fact that she left the judge release the restraining order was suffered by Chris Brown: "I just did not want to make things even more difficult for him professionally. What he did is the staff, it has nothing to do with his career. prohibit him from being within 30 yards of me, it means forbid him to give shows in the awards ceremonies " .

Despite his clemency, the singer from Barbados has also shown clear: "We have no reason we never talk again." Rihanna, a girl who has thick skin!

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