Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robert Pattinson: "I want a family, 2 or 3 children"

If Robert Pattinson does not like talk about his personal life and sentimental in the media, offered secrets to Style Magazine are fairly clear. At no time, the actor does not speak officially twilight of a romantic relationship with her partner Kristen Stewart but his words very similar to a fine statement, and maybe more ...

Rob was first expressed on the rumors about Kristen, persisting in a jargon that satisfies no one but ended up being pathetic! "I do not talk about my private life. I never mentioned but flirting. I am not a follower relationships and short stories surface. I do not talk about my relationship with my female friends, let alone my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress that I admire because it is a sincere person and a sincere actress.

The chemistry between us has helped me get my role in Twilight. " Admire the skill with which the actor does not exactly qualify his "relationship". But the editorial staff did not give up any temptation to make him talk and asked him about his vision for the future, a sentimental point of view ...

"I'm like: I'm not interested in superficial relationships, I need to know the person. I'm not doing existential remarks, I'm just saying I want to have a family, two or three children. This is not funny? I would prefer to speak with animals rather than people who think they know me just by what they saw my films.

"A nice kid who prefers international family relationships and hollow is indifferent to the opinions of others ... That should do (yet) over a crack. Especially as an actor, that we shall soon see alongside Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants, talks about his desire s engage in environmental policy, of being a "world citizen" and for this to work increasingly as a professional actor (...) do something real for this ephemeral work.

When Robert Pattinson puts stars in the eyes of the entire planet ...

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