Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miley Cyrus Blasts Justin Bieber and Rebecca Back

The young Miley Cyrus tour starts in Australia and used to give an interview on Australian 'Kyle and Jackie O'. In it, he directed some harsh criticism, and certainly controversial, both for Justin Bieber to the new web phenomenon, Rebecca Black, which were about how easy it is to hang a video on YouTube and become famous overnight the morning without any effort.

Certainly not missing the point of reason, since become famous or be in the music world is not a bed of roses, and all have their hard work, hence Cyrus would go after them, to ensure that this reputation is rebound, not a great deal of years. The young singer, who was released thanks to the series 'Hannah Montana', and began to roll for 12 years, says in his criticism that success is forged slowly and working hard, day after day and achieve your dreams.

Become famous as a good springboard is Youtube the overnight as Bieber and Black, is a stroke of luck and is against those who make pop stars thanks to the Internet without further struggle. "Being an artist should be more difficult. Not only must you be able to put a song on YouTube and just go on tour with it, "said the singer.

Surely, many have the same opinion that the young star, and others not, but we must also think that what goes up quickly and effortlessly tend to be forgotten over time. Phenomena and trends are over time, there are always those who have really struggled to be there, year after year.

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