Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rob Lowe sets his muscular torso in "Vanity Fair"

Looking at the cover of its next issue, Vanity Fair was clearly attempting to attract the eye of its readers. It shows the sulfur Rob Lowe topless and showing his muscles while leaning mostly on a surfboard (see photo above). At 47 (but it does not), the actor reveals in the magazine excerpts from his autobiography, Stories I Tell My Friends Only, or, for non-English speakers, stories that I tell that my friends.

In his book, Rob Lowe, who recently left the show Brothers & Sisters to star in another series, Parks & Recreation, tells stories about Hollywood's elite. He speaks especially of his wild nights with Charlie Sheen, to whom he gave the reply in the 1987 film Masquerade, before the actor does not know the descent into hell that is going through today.

"We had contests to see who was better," says Rob Lowe. Translate: we stuck the grave. "We arrived on set the next morning and it still manages to be awesome. Verdict: Charlie but earned very little." Rob Lowe also returned to his first meeting with Tom Cruise, he met one day at a hearing in Los Angeles.

"He's a likeable, funny and focused in a very cold, almost like a robot, I've never seen that before, 'says he. Maybe it was the hearing for the title role in Terminator.

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