Monday, March 28, 2011

Mariah Carey's return from hospital after false alarm babies!

"They really wanted to celebrate the anniversary with us! I had my first contractions last night ... I went to the hospital." Excited, Mariah Carey immediately posted the news on his Twitter account. As she celebrated her 42 years Sunday, March 27, the singer thought she would have two giveaways. Pending his first delivery, the woman rushed to the clinic feeling the first contractions ...

False alarm, no babies birthdays, the pain still did not announce the imminent arrival of twins! False alarm, but Mariah Carey was had a great emotion: "They're almost born on March 27! Happy birthday, indeed! We still have to wait a few weeks but ... Wow!" she posted a little later. The star has experienced a small taste of childbirth! For its part, the future father, Nick Cannon, was no less excited.

Commenting turn on his Twitter account, he exclaimed: "I'll probably faint in the delivery room! I must be strong like a man! Or rather I should say, like a woman since it is they who have to stay strong throughout this ordeal, I am impressed by my wife. " As clearly a pleasure to read!

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