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Chris Colfer and Amber Riley: "Glee? A musical first!"

The Glee phenomenon finally comes to TNT. After a diffusion restricted to a small circle on the chains of the Orange Group, the music series for FOX will broadcast from tonight on M6, before moving on tomorrow on his little sister, W9. Launched in the U.S. in 2009, Gleeest quickly become a phenomenon, both television and music.

Carton hearing overseas, Glee has received numerous awards and titles interpreted by actors in the series will rank every week tops the rankings. On the occasion of the arrival of Glee M6 (before the chain decides to relegate the series on W9), two main actors, Chris Colfer and Amber Riley, who play the roles of Kurt and Mercedes respectively, gave a press conference in Paris.

Gossip Rumors. en was. Can you describe your characters in the series? Amber Riley: Mercedes takes a diva. She has a pretty high opinion of herself. At first, she does not mix with others, or be sidelined. Gradually, as the series progresses, it changes behavior and realizes she can not always be in the spotlight! Chris Colfer: Kurt is the soprano in the fashion of glee club.

He is gay and has a tremendous relationship with his father. This is one of the few characters in the series that discovers and reveals itself in the eyes of viewers. He continues to look and I think any teenager's age can identify with him. It is often said that Glee is a series large enough audience, his music and his intrigues, but it can sometimes be politically incorrect and provocative.

How do you balance that? Chris Colfer: It is true that the series can quickly move from a very serious matter to a lighter subject, and mocks itself quite frequently. I think it's a fairly accurate reflection of reality: sometimes there are things we take very seriously and sometimes not at all.

This is especially true in high school, where hormones are everywhere and everything seems very dramatic. The series is true to that aspect of the school. Amber Riley: The primary objective is to entertain Glee. Ryan Murphy and his team of writers are listening to the fans and what people are saying about the series.

I think they treat their subjects in a fairly responsible, but we can not always please everyone and some people will not like the opinions that are contained in the series. However, writers are always trying to show the different perspectives one can have on an issue, while maintaining a lighter and funny.

Chris Colfer: And then the series would not be fun to watch if it spoke only of serious problems. I think Glee needs lighter episodes, which are made only in order to entertain. The series is primarily a musical and can not be too over-dramatic subjects. "It always happens to excel!" When a series becomes as popular as quickly as Glee, there is always the negative impact of the media when an episode is worse than the last.

How do you cope with these criticisms? Chris Colfer: I do not think we really still received negative reviews. But it is the fate of the whole series: the critical acclaim when it begins with the start and the media hype fades and a routine develops. Regarding Glee, there are indeed some episodes that are worse than others but ultimately it always happens to excel.

Amber Riley: We were extremely stressed at the time of starting the second season because there was genuine anticipation and people were waiting around the corner. But until now, we can not say that was actually criticized by the press. Season 2 is somewhat different from season 1 but I think people always appreciate the series.

The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, said he wanted to change the cast of the series to stay true to the experience of high school. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you feel ready to go? Chris Colfer: I hope they do not leave immediately because I take great pleasure to play in the series.

But I think Amber and I did not worry too much we do with that side because we both seem to be 12 years (laughs)! I do not think they got rid of us in the near future, but if they decide to do it, it will only make the series more authentic because you can not stay indefinitely in high school ...

Amber Riley: Yes, Kurt is already having a beard, and me as well (laughs)! Who wants to be 40 years old and still in high school? We'll see. And then there is always derived series. Mercedes could go to college ... Chris Colfer: And Kurt in the head of a fashion school ... Or it will come to Paris! Yes, that's (laughs)! Seriously, I think Ryan Murphy's statements were somewhat distorted and it does not turn us! By cons, new characters will arrive, which is pretty good I think.

Are you involved in writing the series? Chris Colfer: Generally, we try not to interfere too much in the writing because the writers have much better ideas than us, but that we may discuss and exchange ideas. However, Ryan Murphy is often inspired by situations that any of us have lived or he chooses a song because he said we would sing it.

Amber Riley: The biggest phobia of a writer is to be confronted by an actor who thinks he knows his character better than him. We respect our writers and allowed to do their job. "Kurt is one of the most realistic gay characters in television" Chris, you are an example for many young gay men, who, like your character, must face the ordeal of the school.

Do you have a responsibility to these young people? Chris Colfer: I think Kurt and I have been on a pedestal since the beginning of the series. The only thing I can really do is make sure that the character is portrayed with dignity and respect. For the rest, let things take over. This responsibility gives me some pressure but it does not bother me.

It's great to play a character who lives in the zeitgeist at this point and that means a lot to people. And are you satisfied with how Kurt's homosexuality was treated in the series? Do you think it is authentic? Chris Colfer: Yeah, totally. Kurt's relationship with his father in particular has been much praised in the United States because it is realistic.

The writers have managed to make a character real and Kurt did not give him the role of punching bag played many gay characters in TV series. He has his own stories. I think Kurt is currently one of the most realistic gay characters on American television. What's your workday like? You split your time between the plates and recording studios ...

Amber Riley: Our days are quite long, between 10 and 17h of work, it depends on what we should do. In a single day, you can shoot a scene in the studio, then having to go into the studio to record a song and then go try to repeat the choreography or the costumes. It's a case by case, it depends on the episode on which we work.

You never know when arriving in the morning what we will do our day, which is pretty exciting. How long does it take to box an episode? Chris Colfer: Each episode takes eight days of shooting on average but this is not etched in stone. Sometimes you need more time, it depends on the episode.

He focused on Madonna, for example, we took 14 or 15 days to turn. There were many things to do, especially at the level of choreography and costumes. How has your life changed since you play in Glee? Amber Riley: My life has changed in so many ways ... I have the chance to get up every morning and do what I love to sing but also dance and acting, working with people I love.

In the street, people recognize me, want my autograph and take pictures with me. It's hard to get used to everything, especially all the attention we have for you. Chris Colfer: The celebrity is something that we really never get used because it manifests itself in so many ways. But over time, there are better ways to live with.

"There is no spirit of competition between us," In interviews, you said that you look like much to your characters in the series. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, is also annoying in real life? Amber Riley: (Laughs). You know, everybody in the series is annoying! We spend so much time together that sometimes we slap each other on the nerves.

We're like brothers and sisters. We love but when you spend twelve hours with someone and you hear her sing a song you hate, it irritates us. This is normal! Lea is similar to her character in many respects but both different from Rachel in many ways. I think that is the case for everyone.

On the one hand, I very much like Mercedes and another, not really. Mercedes is just my alter-ego. Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce and me in my Mercedes (laughs) Chris Colfer: We're like brothers and sisters in every sense of the term. We made jokes, we fight, we tease ... This is what happens when you spend a lot of time with someone.

Brothers and sisters, this is really the best way to describe us. Is there still a spirit of competition between you? Do not you think that at some point, you'll have to fight to stay in the spotlight and there will be no room for everyone? Chris Colfer: Fortunately for us, I think We are all different and there is no competitive spirit between us.

Amber Riley: I think the same thing. Everyone has a different goal and aspiration. It will not run after the same jobs, we will not pass the same auditons ... Chris Colfer: Yes, I do not think Mark Salling (who plays Puck, ed) and I will be competing for the same role (laughs)! After the show, everyone will do his life on his side.

As you consider your post-Glee? Will you pursue a career in comedy or rather in the song? Amber Riley: What are the two most important things in my life. I sing and play comedy since I was little, I think the two go hand in hand. Currently I am an actress than singer, though Glee allows me to sing, but I'd love to break into the music industry.

One day I want to be an artist and record an album. For now, Glee takes me a long time so we'll see. I love what I do now and the rest will take its course! Chris Colfer: For me, this is comedy. Being an actor has always been my goal, I've never been particularly interested in or attracted by the music industry.

The song is the icing on the cake and even though I am happy to sing in Glee, I do not think in a career one day.

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