Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Details of the 25 birthday of Lady Gaga

Last Monday, March 28, Lady Gaga turned 25 years old and we told that the first one was congratulating herself, writing a message on a table in a restaurant. But, she celebrated her birthday at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles where he climbed the stage to perform several hits for Madonna with a mariachi band.

The site chosen this one because the singer was performing at the Staples Center, his name day. The party was a surprise and was organized by several friends in a discreet Gaga Mexican restaurant, La Cita, Los Angeles and were entertained with a few performances. About 60 close friends of the singer at the event where Gaga delighted the audience with those songs of Madonna, also a number of Motley Crue and his new single "Born this way." Here you can see some pictures of the party gathered by U.S.

Magazine. The girl was acting fireproof much of the night. "Nobody knew she was going to go on stage and perform with them, I think I simply love being on stage and do what he does so well," said a friend. In addition she had time to greet everyone. "He traveled the restaurant to say hello to everyone.

It was an amazing night, "said the source. For the night of his birthday Gaga wearing a tight black dress. In addition, the singer has received several birthday cakes, Ellen DeGeneres called yesterday Gaga, wished him happy birthday and sang. Also regaled with a vegan birthday cake that is made without any animal product without eggs, no milk and no honey, and a décor inspired by models of the artist.

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