Monday, March 28, 2011

Patrick Sebastien Wedding Guest Kate and William ... April Fools

In its issue this week, our colleagues and friends Téléstar published an interview with Patrick Sébastien, interview surprising since the host of the largest announced cabaret be invited to the wedding of Kate and William: "Imagine that with Nana [his companion, ed] one is invited to the wedding of Prince William.

Kate Middleton's parents have a house in Corrèze, we became friends. They are lovely people. "Information immediately picked up by many sites celebrities, starting with Gala Disney Co, TéléLoisirs, Adobuzz and even Behold, all specialists Sc ... All people on this one were made without having to bother cross-check or verify the info.

However, if you read the magazine, its editorial director warned readers that April Fool's crept into the columns ... But the fact is TV Magazine not his first joke, best remembered as the magazine had managed to make believe for a few hours Michel Cymes would turn into Dr. House ... Other fish in April at the initiative of the magazine: Melanie de More beautiful life ...

in James Bond, or better yet Danielle Gilbert Desperate Housewives ... Next year, some will be suspicious and will not fail to peel the editorial editors sometimes jokers.

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