Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shakira in love with Gerard Pique, the picture!

It's a funny coincidence, Shakira and Gerard Pique were born Memp day, February 2. But in 1977 and he in 1987. If you do not know Gerard Pique, your guy, though. Every time he sees him on television being run on a football field, he uttered a long sigh and exclaimed: "And this loser who goes out with Shakira ...".

However, Gerard Pique is cute, just check the photo so that the singer choupidou posted on his Twitter account. After a long relationship of eleven, Shakira did not precipitate the announcement and had even denied for a while. If it's been weeks since the pictures of the couple make the front pages of magazines, the interpreter of "Waka Waka" only now decided to confirm his happiness by announcing: "Here is my sunshine" she said on the Internet.

The footballer of FC Barcelona is no less silly in front of his girlfriend and shows, too, flourish: "I live a happy time in my life (...) I play the best club in the world in the best national team ... and I'm in love. " The official announcement was soon imitated by others, especially in football, since opponents of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid decided to boycott the famous Waka Waka, whereas now it ' was to honor the enemy.

This is confirmed, Shakira continues to make jealous ...

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