Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rebecca Black is crazy about Justin Bieber and admire Selena Gomez

The young Rebecca Black has become a phenomenon on YouTube. Despite making fun of her and her song, you have support as Lady Gaga, who knows what it is to suffer bullying as a teenager, and has also been invited by none other than Jay Leno to your program. Now we know that the girl, aged 13, is cast by Justin Bieber, but it also seems that Selena Gomez admires Rebecca, Canadian Bride.

The girl admitted that have Bieber Fever, but also likes the Disney singer / actress. "I admire a lot," Rebecca Black told People. "I think it's great that she has not entered into the spiral that other young actresses have taken," he claimed. Then included another famous singer in his group of idols: "I love Katy Perry, too." Friday The singer also explained to what extent is a fan of Justin Bieber and had to have a mini shrine to the Canadian in his room.

When asked Bieber would happen if you invite her to do a collaboration with him, confessed that scream as probably could not sing. In addition to Black is interested in musical theater. "I got the lead role in Oklahoma this year," he told. "I've always been in school shows, even in first grade," he added.

His mother says her daughter is an intelligent student, "honors" and has won spelling bees.

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