Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Square Viiip: Giuseppe tackles Julio Iglesias

Two latin lovers for the price of one. Giuseppe, a former candidate who wants to marry my son? and currently in the Square Viiip TF1, will soon release a single which included a cover of "You women," famous song by Julio Iglesias. "I recorded a disc to be released after Viiip Square," reveals Giuseppe Here are our colleagues, adding that it would be a new version of "You women," a song that big macho he is, seems to stick to your skin! And the Latin lover continues: "I hope it will sell." No doubt that with his smooth voice and charming lady-killer, who has managed to bewitch Cindy, however, a fervent adherent of girl power, Giuseppe should sell her single like hotcakes! If this single will mark the first steps in Giuseppe the song, the son of Marie-France does not stop there.

He would also prove himself in the comedy. "I'd love to play in a soap opera," he says in Here. TF1 fiction about a future perhaps? Time will tell! Meanwhile, Giuseppe continues (to our delight) to ride the mechanical Viiip Square.

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