Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Justin Bieber on youtube the most hated

The young singing sensation Justin Bieber, give a carrot and sand. Since your video of song 'Baby' if it is of the most watched on YouTube, since over 500 million visitors, a very considerable figure, is also the most hated video for his negative ratings and bad reviews. While there has always been a great competition which have been in the network of videos with pop diva, Lady Gaga, now we can say that the video for 'Baby' since it was put online, has broken all records and has exceeded the 'Bad Romance' in Gaga.

Everything before and after for the Canadian guy came out of nowhere a few days ago was his unfortunate childhood of lack of resources, which has risen to fame and is today one of the young singers more followers has, but in the same proportion those who hate him. Bieber dominates the list compiled by RWW negatively viewed the videos, that is, those who accumulate 'not like' on YouTube, with more than a million thumbs down for the Internet and the amount continues to rise.

In any case, thumbs up or thumbs down on YouTube, the Canadian singer is on everyone's lips, for better or for worse and after all is what matters, because as the saying goes, while talk of me means I exist.

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