Monday, March 28, 2011

Prince Harry on the cover of GQ

Prince Harry's brother William and son of the late Lady Di, participate shortly in an expedition to the North Pole. The number of this month's GQ magazine, English edition, brings you into his home to recognize both the merits of this new mission as the character's brother to be King of England in the future.

Harry himself posted a message on the reasons for going to do this trip, "This special issue will pay the debt with all those who went to the North Pole on behalf of our country and returning with physical and mental problems that swept throughout his life. We recognize their sacrifice and pay, in a sense, the debt we owe to them.

" Experts say there is but a 50% chance to beat this mission. Harry was quite nice in the photo shoot and said, "At least we can play darts, years ago I have a target at home." On clothes to wear to avoid hypothermia said "Let's see if I can sleep with all this weight." Inge Solheim, the person who has personally trained the Prince, said: "Harry has done everything perfectly.

He knows all the health risks associated with this mission. Now have no idea how different it is the Polo to the rest of the planet. Norwegian explorers called it "the Devil's dance floor" so that the hardness is extreme. You can walk 10 miles, your tent and get up to 11 miles further back because of ice and movement of the surface.

It's exhausting. " Hopefully Harry will enjoy your experience.

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