Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lily Allen: sold by a relative, she fears for her marriage

Lily Allen thought he had done enough to cool the paparazzi or the media of giving the weasel, she now wanted to live a little away from prying goals and preparing for his wedding with little stunt to make as a bride ordianire. This will unfortunately not the case, one of his guests who made the public invitation.

Everyone can now learn that the wedding will take place June 11 in a village in the English countryside, north of London and may even discover the photomontage of the couple on an old postcard sepia, countrymen on a tractor. Clumsiness, boasting high stress or the media? Lily Allen does not know but wants terribly to the guest who has remained anonymous.

"To the person that posted my announcement in the press, know that you're an asshole and you're not invited. Show respect and stay with you," she said, furious at his Twitter account . Then she gave some details on her dress, Lily Allen thought he had given enough to satisfy the media, but one of his relatives decided otherwise.

Therefore hope that the revelation will not spoil the D-Day ceremony, since otherwise, the future appears bright for the singer alongside her future husband, Sam Cooper. Indeed, the face of Chanel will launch in a few months her clothing line, "Lucy in disguise", with the opening of a shop in London.

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