Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jean-Paul Belmondo: the great honor of Cannes

Breathless, Pierrot le fou, but also The Magnificent, Borsalino, Ace of Aces .. Jean-Paul Belmondo said Bébel has embodied all that popular films made in bold New Wave. The favorite actor Jean-Luc Godard as Gerard Oury will be celebrated on the Croisette, a special tribute on the occasion of the presentation of documentary Belmondo, Directions and Jeff Vincent Perrot Domenech.

if the homage may seem obvious to the French public for the Festival de Cannes is also a way to enter into a long sulk. Belmondo, who came several times in competition at Cannes, was best known as the whistles honors, including Stavisky, Alain Resnais. Cannes, beyond the glitz and glamor, is often a launching pad ruthless where films are either brought to bare or trampled when the indifference is not confined to contempt.

This is also what makes its value. So to return to the largest film festival of French actor Thierry Fremaux, Gilles Jacob, head of programming, has whipped out the heavy artillery. This is the first day of the Festival as a tribute should be held. La Croisette celebrate "the extraordinary talent of the French actor (...) [which] embodies the best of popular cinema that has managed to reconcile with the auteur cinema of the sixties and triumphant seventy." One way to remember the very heyday of French cinema and to greet one of the last great actors of that time still on (his last film, A Man and His Dog Date 2009).

If Frémaux and Jacob managed to gather around Jean-Paul BelmondoJean Rochefort, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Claude Rich and other actors of this generation, as they hope, a nice nostalgia may be felt on the Croisette!

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