Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Katy Perry's mother wants to become a preacher

Katy Perry's mother, preacher, wants her daughter to leave the music to sing psalms. The surprise was the lady to see one of the recent concert of his daughter was huge and there has been this reaction has led to surprise many fans of the singer. Mary Perry Hudson is expressed in terms that I have transcribed below.

"I saw it when I was going to come on stage and wearing a tiny dress that showed the top of her breasts. For any mother that her daughter likes to show her breasts and tell her to think a little gourd. Thankfully, God influenced me to shut up and take this thought to myself. " "I recognize that my daughter has the gift of singing praises to perfection.

The problem came when he sang I kissed a girl and I liked it (I kissed a girl and I liked) and the thousands of people who were there she sang that song. My heart was hurt because he could not do anything for the hungry soul of those people who only watched the flesh and spirit. " "I compare my relationship to have had Billy Ray Cyrus with Miley or Jon Voight with Angelina Jolie and I'm glad my daughter has believed in what their parents have instilled instead of growing against our will." "I always wonder," My God, how I can save my daughter's internet, fame, money and people around you? How I can do? ".

Well not us who will give the track to get it.

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