Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rubygate: sex, debauchery and VIP

George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley, Cristiano Ronaldo ... The defense counsel submitted a list of 78 witnesses to the court that resembles a who's who. Between various ministers, the names of artists and models to follow: those who have attended dinners at the Italian head of government and could confirm it was evening "very wise" by under Berlusconi.

This is not what emerges from the wiretaps published by the Italian press in which dozens of young girls evoke rather orgiastic excesses. The scandal is heavy for Silvio Berlusconi that nobody knows the bombing of young beauties to high political positions or habits to invite girls in defiance of his marital relationship.

The triggering event is Ruby, aka el Babrough Karima, a young woman with whom Berlusconi had had sex, a minor ... In Italy, it is an affair of state that emerges when abroad, one wonders how the public has not yet revealed the Cavaliere of his throne. The wiretaps are distressing: young women are pressured by their families to promote itself to the head of government, as courtesans.

"It can solve many of our problems, mother, yours, mine" they repeat to their children. Young women would be paid 5000, 6000, 7000 euros for their "services". Ruby as Silvio Berlusconi denied having had sexual intercourse in spite of the evidence and testimony leaves no doubt as to the nature of the evenings in the villa at Arcore.

If the rumors had already overwhelmed the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo for the services of prostitutes he had requested to Ruby is far more embarrassing for George Clooney to be so cited by the defense counsel. Siryani The actor, comedian, director and engaged citizen, would he have spent nights with his girlfriend at the time, Elisabetta Canalis, with the Italian statesman.

Her friend had a house near Lake Como where they stayed occasionally but Clooney denies having visited the Cavaliere. "It seems strange to me, I met Berlusconi once was to get help for Darfur." Soft defense or challenge an accusation preposterous? Anyway, George Clooney has responded quickly when we attent the reactions of Real's official football and ex of Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley.

Inspiration for all writers in Hollywood ...

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