Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The intimate enemy Polygraph says David Camacho had a relationship with Belén Esteban

A close Enemies David Camacho returned to pass the polygraph polygrapher with the call of Antena 3, José Antonio Fernández de Landa, said they used an analog polygraph as a tribute to Julian Lake and Valerio Lazarov and therefore the program "The machine truth. " During the broadcast he did 20 questions the alleged lover of Belén Esteban, 14 told the truth and lied in six of them.

If basic questions but in telling the truth. It was true that she met Stephen Bethlehem in July 1998 in Alondra bar 26, which took three and half months of relationship, who asked him to give him a kiss on his store of handbags, which has witnessed telephone discussions with Jesulín; I had seen mourn the San Blas, who had taught him the bracelet given to him Jesulín; to be kissed and caressed in the shop in Bethlehem and they had sex.

Also together they spent a birthday at the Hotel Bethlehem Esteban Prague warned him not to go to the store because Jesulín was in Madrid and had left some pictures in which the two were dating, telling the truth on the existence of witnesses claimed it after the bar owner, a teammate of David and a friend of his.

It was also true that showed his annoyance at Jesulín. It was also true that it has much more information to tell. While the lies were: Bethlehem lied when he said that Stephen had said he was in love with Jesulín, when assured that their parents knew the relationship, he explained that Bethlehem had not told Jesulín intimacies and had not criticized at presence and family Jesulín Janeiro.

After completing the polygraph, Makoko accepted the result, something amazing because of its relationship with San Blas, via Kiko Matamoros and Toño Sanchis. "For you there was the relationship? Do you think that this test was reliable?

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