Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nightmare in the kitchen, the new cooking show!

The kitchen is in! Top Chef, Master Chef, etc. In your forks, not a string without its culinary program and store shelves are full of material to recreate at home the wonders seen on TV. If our appetite for food does not satisfy, program managers are looking for new programs for us bait. On 18 April at 20h45, the new issue of M6 start, it's called "nightmare in the kitchen." A bit like a Super Nanny stoves, the chef Philippe Etchebest will intervene where nothing seems able to save a catastrophic situation.

In restaurants emptied of their customers, poorly located, poorly organized or poorly thought out menu, the chef has put his Bordeaux grain of salt to taste and restore facilities unhappy. For the first issue he will deal with a restaurant Toulon stifled by competition and a follower of the food establishment whose reputation suffers from a former brothel.

The concept is not new as it is imported from Britain where he is a true success. From the kitchen to save the worlds and a chef character, in Kitchen nightmare should find adherents.

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