Thursday, March 31, 2011

Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer astonished by the transformation of a vampire Kristen Stewart

Of course at this stage who have not read the books by Stephenie Meyer, creator of the saga 'Twilight' and three films in the air, you may know as much as we read the four books and if not, with the amount information givers, and need to know which way the shots. The amount of information going out in the final of the series with the filming of 'Sunrise' is an informer, especially if we consider the latest statements from both the writer Robert Pattinson and speaking of perfect transformation undergone Kristen Stewart in his role as vampire Bella, so it is a very clear, say spoilers.

This we already know that Kristen finally becomes a vampire, something he has fought from 'Twilight' and has a daughter in common with Edward Cullen, after finally marry the vampire and there we stayed at the latest arrivals from the filming of 'Dawn '. Appears to have been so spectacular creation Bella's new 'role' as a vampire, the creator of the character has been lost for words.

Moreover notes that the actress did not need any advice to play the role well, he knew it perfectly and it seems, has embroidery and fans will be delighted with his performance. Neither expected anything, if we think that is the end of the series and for many the culmination of a history that began with Twilight.

On the other hand, your partner both in fiction and in real life, Pattinson, it becomes clearer to us and says that Bella Swan is totally transformed, and adds that it is the antithesis of what we saw in the beginning of the saga . One idea that has already transmitted before the author herself, noting the reason why chess pieces chosen for the final cover of the novel.

They even point both (and I can not say a lot about the shooting) that Bella gets to become the vampire recreated and compelling of them all. Also not new for those who have read the books and we know what he faces. Thus, it is now waiting for the premiere of 'Dawn' first part of the November 19, 2011 and Dawn 2, November 2012, and then think they have been faithful to the story and, if the height Stewart plays the role is in your hands.

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