Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Square Viiip: Candice Alexander and nominees! (VIDEO)

Nominations for the second WannaViiip and second nomination for Alexander. Really, this one has a little trouble making his housemates enjoy! With four votes against him, the candidate suffers rejection because of their superior airs allows himself to be with everyone. Despite appearances, showing his pédenterie is not the goal of the game Viiip Square! Candice has also garnered four votes and therefore will experience this week of setting SELETTE! Two candidates were untouchable this week as the young Kevin and Cindy Viiip received immunity that protects them from any disposal.

The love of Giuseppe took the opportunity to tell his dreams of fame, including the doubling of a fairy in a cartoon. Absolutely charming. For its part, Afida deplored the fact that it is the least preferred candidate Viiip the public in spite of his personality. But she chose not to question, saying they pose no flop, I do not have to justify myself.

"This strategy game will she pay? To follow in Square Viiip!

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