Monday, March 28, 2011

Families Explorer: discover the Fiasson, united and brave

From the other side of the world, far from his home and his daily life, to face the harsh conditions of a family trip and to test its resilience, is the goal of participants Explorers families. The new program will start TF1 Friday, March 25 and should give us the chills. First regarding the images brought back from Australia, beautiful breathtaking, as production begins to spread.

Then, because families will face personal challenges, experiences that will put their nerves and their wisdom to the test in drylands. The first images evoke a Koh Lanta familly without eliminations ... Although ... We discover today the presentation of the family Fiasson. They leave at four, grandfather, Charles, her two daughters, Estelle and Carol, son and grandson, Remy.

At 70, Charles grew up adventurer, learned to speak, walk and read in three different countries and did not defeat the virus travel through time. His daughters and his grand-son is only slightly less passenger and intend to prove they are at the heights of the great grand-parents whose stories were visibly rocked their childhood.

Between determination, courage and emotion, family Fassion appears ready to tackle a tough day to demonstrate their strength, fearlessness, and above all their love.

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