Monday, March 28, 2011

Lady Gaga supports the new web phenomenon, Rebecca Black

It keeps talking about the new phenomenon born in the popular YouTube site for good and for ill. Rebecca Black his name than his 13 years and his first single 'Friday' has poured all kinds of commentaries. Many are those who make fun of it, since music critics claimed that the subject matter, very childish, it was the worst subject for many years in the pop genre, and there are hundreds of parodies on the net with the word 'snafu 'but if a singer who defends it is, Lady Gaga.

The pop diva says the new teen phenomenon is "great" and that "all who call it corny are full of shit." Gaga why not like that kind de'ciberbullying 'that are suffering with so much insult and mockery, "I am also a child of the dot-com era, and it is difficult to fame because if you mess up, is Google "has secured Gaga.

But if we consider that Rebecca has managed to overtake Justin Bieber Gaga and its 'Friday' as the most watched on YouTube, will be a laughing stock but the income is $ 30,000 per week and with little cost. Therefore not surprising that the very young to say that 'he who laughs last laughs best.

" Your video has been among the most watched on YouTube, but that's not all. Is making good profits due to its low cost and even Jay Leno propior confirmed its more promising future. As a shout out to those who laugh at it, it is the Justin Bieber, who was going to say: "Sunday comes after Saturday? How odd, "put in your Twitter Bieber, referring to the lyrics of 'Friday'.

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