Monday, March 28, 2011

Katy Perry, booed because of Justin Bieber

We know that Katy Perry and her husband, Russell Brand have a weakness for Justin Bieber. The truth is that the young Canadian seems to sit well with everyone who crosses. So, the singer could not think of anything else to dedicate a song to the singer of 18 in a concert that was offering in London. The action unfolded smoothly until the flamboyant artist dedicated one of his subjects to young Justin Bieber.

These then began to boo Perry and she had to relax the atmosphere as he could. "I do not abucheéis guys, Justin is like my adopted son, confessed to his audience, but the Canadian did not consider his mother precisely. The Californian is currently touring and has used his stay in the UK to confess his desire to attend the wedding of Kate Middleton and William of England.

"I have to be there," he said. By now we know that will celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham, but we assume that most of them will be British. But the truth is that Russell Brand is a subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, having been born in Grays in Essex. In the picture you can see a totally transformed Katy Perry music video for her new single ET.

The girl has a very futuristic look to this song whose video will be released next Thursday, March 31. Of course, voices have emerged to speak to copy to Lady Gaga.

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