Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan dropped her surname

Lohan. A family name that has helped make the young Linday a star but that became too heavy to wear for the 24 year old starlet, whose woes are regularly in the celebrity magazine. So much so that Lindsay Lohan has decided to drop his family name. "Lindsay gave up his last name and not respond in the name of Lindsay," he said Friday at the website Popeater Dina Lohan, mother of the actress.

The 48 year old woman added that, in turn, she and her second daughter Ali would take his maiden name Sullivan. Basically, no more female member of the family wants to be attached to the patriarch, Michael Lohan. Cher, Madonna, Beyonce ... Lindsay! As for Lindsay, this change of identity is perhaps a good thing.

"A lot of showbiz personalities are only known by one name," said a journalist at Popeater people. "Take Beyonce, Madonna, Cher ... Now you can add to this list Lindsay. And if this will surely not forget the tumultuous past of the girl and her court antics, this change may still be a way for Lindsay to boost her career.

"It's a way for her to start all over again," added the journalist. Meanwhile, Lindsay must answer for his actions in court. On 22 April, a judge will decide whether or not she is convicted of stealing a necklace worth $ 2,500, a crime for which he faces three years in prison. It is perhaps not ready to see the new name appear on the screen!

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