Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Selena Gomez lost control of her dress, oops bottom in sight!

The adorable performer 'Who Says', Selena Gomez, attended Sunday evening concert at the Espoir (Concert for Hope) with Jonas Brothers, a charity event in the fight against cancer held in Los Angeles, California. The singer, who always puts a lot of heart into it, did not hesitate to give 100% once the scene of the Gibson Amphitheatre, which earned him a slight setback ...

Caught in the fire of his choreography, the beautiful brunette had his pink mini dress to rise dangerously revealing her underwear! Oh nothing serious for the young lady who is in control of what happens, the artist is careful not one to wear a thong under a simple short robe to cover his rear Selena (if one may say no pun intended), Selena had opted for a panty covering much of the Spanx brand.

Only small criticism, the color of the flesh that gives a maxi panties aside a little granny to the young woman, a small black boxing would have been covering less and Grandma, what do you think? The beautiful does cause any slippage with his little jacket, a wise choice not to get the buttocks to air on the net, but still a bit risky in terms of sex appeal, go Selena there is indeed a way to combine modesty and glamorous! In any case, the actress of "Waverly Place" is not likely to shock her parents and she is very close, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber has even delivered a few secrets about this.

"I know I'm 18 and I'm technically an adult, but I still live with my parents. And that pleases me well, "said Selena Gomez before adding" I love you near me. I love their company and I like the idea to know about me at home if I ever need them. " This is a young star who has his feet on earth and respects family values, a good example for the heroine of the Disney Channel.

Selena Gomez has more quality and never lets himself be caught unprepared, the scandal is definitely not for her!

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  1. Seriously this is like a on-going theme for young stars. It is they are in dresses to small for their tiny bodies or the material?