Sunday, March 27, 2011

Facebook: The designer finally changing his "relationship status" on the site

Launched in February 2004, the social network Facebook has become a global phenomenon in less than ten years. Today, more than 600 million people worldwide have an account on the micro-blogging site and its creator, Mark Zuckeberg became one of the youngest billionaire on the planet. Often criticized for his image of egocentric genius, the young man of 26 years is nevertheless a man like any other.

Shy and reserved, Mark Zuckeberg has been slow, much time, before changing his "relationship" on the site. Now, of course, Mark is Zuckeberg "couple". Saturday, after a seven-year relationship with Priscilla Chan, he finally posted on the website he was "couple" with the young woman. Manhandled in the movie "The Social Network" in 2010, Mark Zuckeberg said after the release of this film in theaters, it was "a good boy." This new feature on her profile could make it more accessible to the eyes of the 600 million users of Facebook.

It must be said that in The Social Network, 2011 Cesar for best foreign film, the man was portrayed as selfish, arrogant and undrinkable.

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