Sunday, March 27, 2011

Incredible, Rebecca Black will release an album

How far will Rebecca Black? While his first single "Friday" has become the laughingstock of the entire planet, the young girl of 13 years do not give up. Building on the success of its clip, seen more than 60 million times on YouTube is more than the last single from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black came into the studio to record her first album.

"I am currently in the studio to record new songs. I'll prove you wrong. Just like Friday, the new songs are catchy," said the singer before answering his critics: "You think your criticism will help me break down and make me stop singing but you do that make me stronger, "she replied in English daily The Sun.

Designated as the "worst song in the world", "Friday" has become a global phenomenon. Recorded for tens of thousands of dollars, the title would bring more than 250 000 Rebecca Black according to U.S. media. At that price we're also wants to make "party party" every Friday. Gossip Rumors.

fr you to discover the video of Rebecca Black:

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