Sunday, March 27, 2011

Square ViiiP Alexandra and Noam increasingly close (VIDEO)

A new love story it would begin before the eyes of viewers TF1? Saturday, Alexandra and Noam have continued to turn around. Enjoying a moment of tranquility, the two candidates square ViiiP spent part of their day to cuddle and get kisses. But not on the mouth! Alexander refused. But until when? Apparently attracted by the Wannaviiip, Princess Secret Story 2, a tango begins with the young man before packing.

Yet Noam seems really impressed by Alexandra. Later that evening, the candidate will entrust Cindy Alexandra is a "person that he did not really lose in the adventure. This is the only one that I have that. With that I can relax and in my arms. It's a girl I like. I like his values. I admire him.

" So good actor Noam? Love at first sight? Stay tuned ... Meanwhile, Gossip Rumors you to discover the pictures of Alexandra and Noam approaching dangerously:

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