Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan plans to change his stage name

Lindsay Lohan has it ever more clear. Change his stage name will be something that will benefit you. Another thing is that directors be called for this reason but we must be clear that, at least try to do my best. His own mother, Dina Lohan, is the person who revealed the plans of the young actress. "Lindsay is tired of so many rumors and is considering leaving his name.

Lindsay thinks that calling only better. My daughter Ali and myself, we will change the name to use mine, Sullivan. " It's funny but the big stars of music, like Prince or Madonna, have had much more success with a single word with the full name. Sources close to the actress confirms that she has been thinking for some time now but leave your name at the time came to think that nobody would know who he was.

Now with all that has rained more than likely that everyone knows who is speaking. The proof that it says is true is the famous Superbowl commercial in which a girl was "addicted to milk Lindsay." A family friend said that "today is something very normal not to use your name. Oprah and Beyonce are two good examples of what I say.

In both cases, we would great communicators. Leave your name would also break with his father something that only they can bring benefits to all three. " Michael Lohan has commented that "I do not think that's true, it is logical that my daughters will change the name and will not, especially Lindsay." Only time will clarify who is right and what will happen.

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