Sunday, March 27, 2011

Square ViiiP: Marjolaine Will she leave the game?

First great grief to Marjorie. Trapped in the Square ViiiP TF1 for ten days, the candidate has already want to stop the adventure. Saturday, crying in the confessional, the young woman said: "Since I entered this house, I have very little news of my baby and my fiance. It is cut off. I miss them . It's very hard, "said the candidate before admitting" it's hard to find its place "in the game after less than fifteen days of participation, Marjoram Will she forfeit? At 5:35 p.m., in the daily on Sunday 27 March, Elsa Fayer longer return on the blues of the candidate.

The facilitator will she the right words to convince Marjorie to continue the adventure? Answer tonight ... Meanwhile, Gossip Rumors. en you discover Marjoram, beset by doubt in the confessional:

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