Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens spectacular premiere of 'Sucker Punch'

Actress Vanessa Hudgens presents shows at the premiere of his latest film 'Sucker Punch' which was held at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. All extended red carpet for the occasion that was attended by many celebrities out of character to complete the film. Every night for the girls 'Sucker Punch' and although it appeared ligerita costumed warriors and as in the movie, all dazzled with their costumes, but the former Disney girl Vanessa simply dazzled.

With a dress in silver, decorated with 'glitter' in dark gray and very low back created by designer Jenny Packham, the actress showed off figure on the red carpet. 'Sucker Punch' is a film by Zack Snyder, in which four girls are immersed in fantasy worlds where they become invincible warriors, ready to face all kinds of fabulous creatures, from giant beasts, zombies and dragons fire by throwing mouth.

Hudgens, who recently premiered without much luck 'Beastly', a contemporary version of 'Beauty and the Beast' with Alex Pettyfer, commented on its way down the red carpet that "this was the most liberating experience I've had in my life. With this film I grew a lot, both physically and emotionally, and did amazing things which I thought was capable.

" The actress was released with the movie, 'High School Musical' recently broke a five-year relationship with actor, Zac Efron we currently do share a beautiful friendship.

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