Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga releases video for "Born This Way 'with futuristic dyes

The day came and the hour mark it was announced that Lady Gaga music video premiered the theme belonging to "Born This Way '. All staging completely futuristic in which the pop diva is all alien mother and queen. The video can already be seen on YouTube for fans and non fans in which looks just Gaga announced, you can see a dark work, with hints of futuristic and as always something visceral.

Shakira honored as "Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation

Shakira's no doubt that is going through one of its best moments, both personal, as it maintains a relationship with FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique, professionally and continues to receive awards. Therefore, last Saturday, the singer of "Waka-Waka ', was awarded by Harvard University whose foundation has given the award for' Artist of the Year.

The annual prize awarded by the prestigious American university rewards the efforts of artists, musicians and writers, and the Colombian has been given for his work as artist and humanitarian and goodwill ambassador for Unicef and director of the Fundación Pies Barefoot and all contributions made through it.

Who wants to marry my son - Samira finds love away from Giuseppe

Giuseppe, the phenomenal macho Who wants to marry my son?, Lit Friday night on TF1, the unforgettable character. He abandoned the beautiful Samira on the words of his mother after having spent the ring finger on the boards of Deauville. A few months after the end of the show was broadcast, Samira decided to confide about his experience at MFM radio microphone, not sparing his former infatuated suitor: "He is a character that has marked the adventure.

Serge Gainsbourg: Caesar, TV, radio, he is everywhere

It is a priori a chance, but the coincidence is noteworthy. Just a few days of commemoration of the twenty years since the death of Serge Gainsbourg, members of Academy of arts and film techniques have reward Gainsbourg, Heroic Life. The film has received three Caesar. First with Eric Elmosnino, which was awarded in the category "Best Actor" for his interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg.

Other Cesar, for best first film for Joann Sfar. The triple came with the statuette award for the "Best Sound". In all cases, the awards were held to pay tribute to the family and the singer. Beyond the legitimate reward, the world of cinema has obviously wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to this great man of song.

The Caesar backstage

After a night a little placid, based trophies, rhetoric, party still saved by the show made in Antoine de Caunes, celebrities present at Caesar made their way in Club Case, executive Fouquet's for a drunken night out! And while Valerie Lemercier was keen to keep up with her for the ghost of Gerard Nanty, head of Mathys, prince of Parisian nightlife died a few weeks ago, the actress failed to close the shop with Quentin Tarantino, life and soul Train-shaped especially Friday night.

Selena Gomez and take Justin Bierbais finally, too cute!

The great night of theater in the United States has been conducive to the advent of numerous personalities in Los Angeles, and it's not the singer Justin Bieber or the beautiful witch "Waverly Place, Selena Gomez, who say the opposite ! Both stars walked the red carpet to get to the party organized after the Oscars, the magazine Vanity Fair at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

Nothing extraordinary about that, you say, this is what they appeared together, glued-tight, and perfectly matched a dress perspective, a choice that speaks volumes about the nature of their ... relationship Selena had endorsed, on this occasion, a beautiful long red dress, jewelry, Lorraine Schwartz and Brian Atwood heels and Justin wish to cracking in tuxedo black Dolce & Gabanna, with a red jacket that recalled the exact color of the dress the pretty brunette.

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy buy a house in London

Actress Kate Hudson and her partner, the musician Matt Bellamy has taken another step in their relationship, buying a house in London which is valued at $ 6.4 million. In mid-January it was announced that the singer and vocalist of the band Muse were going to be parents last summer and both sought a home in New York where they strengthen their relationship.

Kate Hudson has said he wants to spend half the year in the home country of their partner, the United Kingdom. "I have the feeling that probably will spend much more time here," said the magazine Ok! "I do not know, I will be moving completely, but if you do half, probably. I love being here and they travel a lot "he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo, fiance and dad yet?

And if Ronaldo were expected to arise sooner than expected? Don Juan, known for his romance with no future, reportedly asked his girlfriend to marry him. The lucky lady called Irina Shayk, she is 24 years old and has quite a pedigree as it has already been voted the sexiest woman on the planet. Oh my! But then, why such a turnaround? Just because the beautiful Russian supermodel is pregnant with Cristiano Ronaldo! Many have noticed that his tummy was becoming more room in her pretty dresses! Second child! This would be the second child for the beautiful footballer, who has used a surrogate mother to have her first baby boy.

Annie died Giradot

The film world has lost a great lady. The actress died on 28 February, morning, at the age of 79 years, Lariboisière Hospital in Paris (Xe arrondissement) has announced the AFP. It will be remembered among his other notable prestatiosn in Rocco and His Brothers, not drink it, smoke it, drag it, but ...

it causes!, Dying to love La Zizanie or The Pianist. She got twice the César for best actress for Frances Gailland Doctor (1977) and one for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Les Miserables (1996) and The Pianist (2002), and two Molière in 2002.

Justin Bieber and formalize their relationship Selena Gomez

How beautiful love when you're young. Full recklessness. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are proof! A few weeks ago, during a show on MTV, the singer spoke of her baby's relationship with the actress, while modesty and simplicity: "It's a great person. I think it is right to say with whom she lives love.

I like beautiful girls, beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. I like girls that are funny because I love laughing and joking. " Obviously, Selena was able to laugh Justin Bieber as it should, since the two lovebirds made their first official appearance, hand in hand, or by holding the waist on the red carpet at the party hosted by Vanity Fair after the Oscars.

Amparo Muñoz actress dies

The actress Amparo Muñoz, Miss Universe was proclaimed, the first Spanish and only one to receive this award, died on Sunday night at age 56 in Malaga. According to a statement issued by his brother, Pedro Muñoz, former model and actress died "after a long illness and was always surrounded by his family, which calls for absolute privacy at the funeral," he said.

Amparo Muñoz achieved notoriety in the 70s to be elected Miss Costa del Sol and Miss Spain in 1973 and a year later, on July 22, 1974, was crowned Miss Universe pageant held in Manila (Philippines), making in the first Spanish woman to this title. After that his life has been marked by controversy beginning with the reign of Miss he resigned a few months for not wanting to feel manipulated.

Kate Middleton invites his butcher and postman at royal wedding

has not taken a big head and wants to remember the places of his childhood on the day of her marriage. The future princess among its 1,900 guests, has slipped to some golden shares to the attention of different merchants in his village of Bucklebury, Berkshire. Of course, the lucky ones are very touched by this warning: "We can not wait D-Day, exclaimed Martin Fidler, the butcher, who will come next April 29 with his wife.

Penélope Cruz makes a comeback, farewell pregnancy outfits!

Many people wondered if the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, nominated for an Oscar for the film Hispano-Mexican "Biutiful ', is accompanied by his beautiful wife, actress Penelope Cruz, well the answer is yes! Penélope who's baby is a little over a month was indeed the arm of her husband Hidalgo, and competed elegance treading the red carpet, forgotten pregnancy, the beautiful brunette has appeared in a dress molded long and caused a sensation, more voluptuous than ever! It was the first official appearance of the beautiful Madrid since she gave birth to her first child, a boy named Leo, on this occasion, the actress opted for a glamorous dress, tan color, neckline vertiginous, the stylist L'Wren Scott, a designer who has a habit of dressing the fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pose together at the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went together to the post-Oscars party hosted by Vanity Fair 2011 in Sunset Tower Hotel. On the red carpet posing for photographers, the Canadian holding his waist to his girl and knowing glances were lavished. It seems that young people have decided not longer hide their obvious relationship.

This is the first time the couple has been dating since November 2010, comes as such a feature event. Selena Gomez, 18, wore a long red dress and strapless Dolce & Gabbana and wore her hair up, while Justin, 16, wore a black suit, black shirt and black tie of the same design, including a red scarf, which would match the dress of the actress, and of course, their trainers in black.

Kylie Minogue: she will do anything to have a baby

It is a moving testimony that was discovered in the English edition of Grazia. Kylie Minogue, who will soon begin a new tour, confided in the magazine about his cancer, now cared for, but most importantly, his desire for children. A heightened desire since she is the proud aunt of little Ethan Edward Smith, the son of her sister Danii.

Kylie Minogue difficult to get pregnant but it might not be easy for her. "After everything I went through it is possible that I can not conceive. I would love being a mother, but I do not think it can happen." The treatment she received could indeed have a significant impact on fertility.

Johnny Hallyday: "I could count on the presence of Jean Reno

Sara Forestier's funny lucky

What we love about her is her nature, her bubbly. And freshness. And that's probably what attracted those who have awarded him this weekend César for best actress. Sara Forestier indeed been distinguished for his role in Bahia Benmahmoud The name of the people. On stage, she said, deeply moved, and visibly astonished: "It seems so unreal ...

I have nothing prepared, and in fact the only thing that I made today is that I put my panties which brings me luck, the worst is that it's true! " Virgin Before beginning the laughter of the room (though hard to cheer up), she continues: "Hits telling me to show it, but not tonight!" The lovely Sara Forestier then addressed Abdel Kechiche which did start in the Dodge.

Oscars 2011, list of winners and comments

The Oscars ceremony was held, as usual, without any problem. Melissa Leo only swore when he received the Oscar and that word was censored on television afterwards. The pools to bet on the King's speech fully matched, Natalie Portman was the winner as best actress and The fighter wiped out two awards for their supporting cast.

The network won the award for best screenplay and best soundtrack that could be interpreted as a failure. Toy Story 3 won the Oscar for best animated film and Tim Burton's film won the Oscar for Best Costume. A most interesting was the appearance of Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez, confirming the rumors circulating about the couple.

Natalie Portman: Success story of an actress with all the luck!

Who would have thought one day that the actress discovered by Luc Besson in 1994 would one day become the most popular actress and most popular in Hollywood? It is in Leo that Natalie Portman has started. It barely thirteen. In 1999 she became famous, as it turns in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, then in the other two episodes in 2002 and 2005.

Its uniqueness? Never took one theater class or performing on stage and not confined to one type of film. At that moment, Natalie Portman is to both the poster of Black Swan, acclaimed by critics. But also to the Friends of Sex with Ashton Kutcher in a stylke a little schoolboy. Because yes, that is its strength to Natalie Portman: moving from one genre to another without tarnish his career.

John Galliano under a new complaint

Four days after his arrest for anti-Semitic remarks in a bar in Paris, John Galliano is again facing a new controversy. The British fashion designer John Galliano is indeed the subject of a new complaint. On Saturday a young woman visited the police station of the third arrondissement of Paris to make a complaint against the creator.

Facts remonstrated in October 2010 and, coincidentally, is in the same bar, Pearl, everything would have unfolded. According to the complainant it would be John Galliano took his physical, but it would also launched anti-Semitic slurs. According to a source familiar with the matter, the complainant was "surprised by the attitude of John Galliano who attacked her for no apparent reason.

Wedding and pregnancy rumors between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

According to Daily Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo could become a father for the second time since the rumors that his girlfriend is pregnant Irina Shayk in the air. In addition, it is said that the footballer, 26, is preparing a wedding for this summer with the Russian model, 25, after asking married on Valentine's Day.

The British magazine takes information from the Correio da Manha says she is pregnant and it looks like a diamond engagement ring. A friend of Real Madrid player told the newspaper: "A Christian loves being a father." Even if Ronaldo had not planned to be a father is very happy and the child has awakened maternal instinct in Irina.

Angelina Jolie gives her a jewel to Brad Pitt with a secret message

Angelina Jolie continues to prove every day that passes, that rumors that pointed to her separation from Brad Pitt are totally false. The couple continues to make his life as before and it seems that this will continue over the coming years. The tranquility that transmit and love they have are the backbone of their relationship to both.

Angelina herself has been released as a jewelry designer, his next venture, a collection that will be called The Style of Jolie. The first gem was a diamond embedded in a slope, the jewel bears an inscription, made with laser, which contains a secret message. London Jewellery Jolie has relied on for this new venture has refused to comment on the matter.

Elegant and glamorous in the 2011 Academy Awards

The red carpet at the 2011 Oscars elegance and glamor met as usual and brought with it the expected image of Javier Bardem with his wife Penelope Cruz, with a model L'Wren Scott after giving birth to a little over a month as we told above. The celebrities have opted for mostly light tones, although exceptions could be found as Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Anne Hathaway who have opted for bright colors.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem ride together on the red carpet at the Oscars 2011

Penelope Cruz unveiled questions about his presence at the Oscars 2011 to attend the hands of Javier Bardem. The couple posed for photographers visibly happy and smiling. Yes, the actress seemed to leave the role to her husband, since July, and were more timid in their responses to the media and fans present.

The Madrid gave birth on 22 January and since then has followed a strict diet to look great in this important event. This is the first red carpet that premiered couples as parents. Javier Bardem, who turns 42 on Tuesday, March 1, is nominated for the third time in this case as Best Actor for Biutiful and when we write these lines do not know yet who has gone this award whose most favorite is Colin Firth Interpreting its fantastic in the king's speech.

Eva Longoria, actress charming and generous!

Eva Longoria is a woman of character and seems to recover from his divorce with Tony Parker. The bubbly brunette lacks any event, it was Thursday night (Feb. 24) at the opening of Tom Ford flagship store in Beverly Hills. The star of "Desperate Housewives" was once again beautiful, dressed all in black, high heels, pants and top ...

The pretty brunette has not gone unnoticed on his arrival. Eva Longoria also thinking of his neighbor, she has just started a new charitable campaign via Twitter to raise money for CARE, a charity that helps young women around the world. Last year Eva Longoria has raised nearly $ 500 000 to finance relief efforts in Haiti.

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas, their romance is in good shape!

Many fans complain that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are no longer a couple ... There is no denying the obvious, the singer of "Jonas Brothers" continues to spin the perfect love with Ashley Greene. The lovers were seen together in the streets of Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (February 24). The couple that has not stopped exchanging glances so did a little shopping.

The last weekend, the beautiful Joe Jonas, had organized a mega party at his sweetheart in Las Vegas, to mark his 24th birthday. The beautiful actress from "Twilight" has been wonderful jewelry! Ashley told People E! chain "I just got a lovely wrist watch that I wear now. Joe offered it to me saying it was a jewel of Coach vintage gold jewelry is a Chanel.

Ashley Greene, a supporter of the gym!

Ashley Greene will miss it for anything a gym ... The girlfriend of Joe Jonas maintains its shape and it shows! Despite the rain falling in Los Angeles, the interpreter of Alice Cullen, visited on Friday afternoon (February 25) at the gym. One thing is certain, the young woman wet bikini as evidenced by photos taken at the exit ...

but admit that, despite the effort, Ashley Greene is always so sexy! This is not given to everyone! Adding that the actress who just turned 24, recently talked about her first encounter with the singer of "Jonas Brothers:" We met through mutual friends in London, but the funny thing is we both live in Los Angeles.

Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and the girls from Sex and the City triumph at the 2011 Razzies

As every year for 31 editions were delivered Razzies awards 2011, the worst jobs of the year, as a prelude to the Oscars that will deliver within hours. In this issue none of the winners went to visit the famous golden raspberries whose value is less than five dollars and that the past year if they picked up the award as worst actress Sandra Bullock year.

The big winner of the night was The Last Airbender which carried the awards for worst picture, direction and script for M. Night Shyamalan and worst supporting actor for the actor in Twilight, Jackson Rathbone by that film and Eclipse. But among the winners were as worst actress, the four players in the second part of Sex in New York, Ashton Kutcher, as worst actor for Valentine Stories Killers and Jessica Alba as worst actress for The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Valentine Stories Machete.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video: Johnny Hallyday trusts face Claire Chazal

He was said to tired, weakened, unable to ensure the planning of the coming year: a tour, a play and promote a new album, made with M and Yodelice. Ignoring the critics and scavengers who have buried too soon, Johnny Hallyday became upright and serene face Claire Chazal, to which he gave an exclusive interview.

In privacy, Johnny opened his home to the cameras of TF1. Return expected but media surout a big scratch Jean-Claude Camus, a former producer but especially former friend, on which Johnny Hallyday does not really want to expand. Note that Johnny Hallyday has changed and is ready to find its audience.

Leighton Meester at war against his mother

We already knew that Leighton Meester was born in prison. In 1985, his mother, was in fact imprisoned in a penitentiary center in Texas for drug trafficking. Traffic for which were also charged his father and grandfather. All were sentenced to 10 years in prison for directing operations, the amount could reach $ 250 million.

If since the mother seemed to have calmed down, the old demons resurfaced ... Constance Meester, Leighton's mother, has just been sentenced by the Superior Court of Los Angeles. Reason: it would, on January 21, threatened to kill an acquaintance, Laurel Wiig, and his son out of school. Justice thus requires the mother Leighton Meester to stay 100 meters away from the family Wiig, and that in any circumstance.

Justin Bieber lost 80,000 fans on Twitter to get a haircut

Any one of the most curious news that comes from the hand of teen idol Justin Bieber, which mentioned in the impact it has had to cut the bangs-curtain so characteristic of the singer, and has not sat well with a group wide of his followers, although it was for a good cause to donate to the association Peta and which has come to pay for a lock to $ 6750.

Something that is putting into question again by music experts. The phenomenon Bieber focuses more public appearances than his music, as well as the huge entourage of followers, who are able to threaten anyone Reche his idol. Because one thing is to follow a singer because I like their music and quite another to continue with their image or their comings and goings as a phenomenon that no juvenile is in any doubt, but also has its dark side of money, what goes up tends to drop quickly to the same extent.

Jennifer Lopez collapsed to transfer a candidate from American Idol

Chris Medina was the candidate preferred by Jennifer Lopez, board member of American Idol. But the singer was forced to announce his departure from the show. "It breaks my heart to have to sincerely tell you this, but the adventure stops there for you." First Fit, Jennifer Lopez broke down in tears, having to be consoled by the other two board members, Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, and Randy Jackson, a music producer).

Razzie Awards: Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashton Kutcher humiliated!

It is a tradition in Hollywood. Each year, on the eve of the Oscars, the Razzies are handed to the worst that Hollywood actors could generate! Yesterday evening, the thirtieth ceremony was no exception to the rule. Among the big "favorites" to win the maximum Razzies, the third installment of Twilight, Eclipse and The Last Airbender.

Valentine's Day did not bring luck to Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba, as they each came away with a Razzie as worst actor and worst actress in a supporting role. The Razzie for worst actress has meanwhile been awarded ... four actresses: Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis for their roles in Sex and the City 2.

Robert Pattinson tells her crush on her new boyfriend

Robert Pattinson was a thunderbolt. A true, as it happens rarely in a lifetime. While he was on the set of Breaking Dawn, the next installment of the Twilight series, the handsome actor has adopted a puppy! In the British newspaper The Daily Record, he says it is a way to feel less alone when shooting: "I know it's a bit sad, but many players have friends just time two or three months of filming and then disappear.

David Arquette loves more than ever Courteney Cox!

David Arquette has always confided in love with his wife, Courteney Cox, and wishes to save his marriage. Oprah Winfrey recently invited the actor revealed that he had a difficult youth and having fallen early in the hell of drugs and alcohol. He also expressed his desire to regain Courteney Cox, who is still his wife yet.

He stated: "I like Courteney. I want her to be happy, "before adding," I'd love it to work. " David Arquette and former actress from the series "Friends" were married in 1999 and had a baby girl named Coco who is now six years. To everyone's surprise, the couple announced their separation last fall without starting divorce proceedings.

Avril Lavigne manga adopts the look for the "Inrock" Japan!

Avril Lavigne has returned to his rock style to illustrate the front page of the Japanese magazine "Inrock" for the March issue, the singer said goodbye to her glamorous side, and vamp it had finally dared to reveal the pages of magazine "Vanity Fair". In the new publication, Avril Lavigne has adopted a style of manga doll wearing clothes from the Abbey Dawn collection, on this occasion she donned a striped sweater dress red and black that suggests his shoulders so sexy, and has enlivened his multicolored strands of hair, a look that will delight audiences fond of Japanese manga culture-Goth! The lady that appreciates style post-teen, it's a secret! The Canadian-born star has released her fourth albumintitulé "Goodbye Lullaby" (release March 8) about which she said she had made "a more personal and intimate." The disk should include more rock sounds but also acoustic.

Lady Gaga possible godmother's son Elton John

Of course it could be the perfect godmother if finally confirmed the pop diva could exercise it, for the son of Elton John and his husband David Furnish Furnish the small Zachary-John. An adoption which captured many headlines both for and against, even in some countries was censored the cover, and if now is the godmother Lady Gaga continue grabbing more headlines.

Since there are some areas very puritanical, yet these issues as they do not get along very well. It was precisely Elton's husband who dropped it and not like things in a recent interview. So from there the rumors have continued with more intensity. According to Furnish says are moving all the threads needed for the singer, gay icon, plays an important role in the life of your child.

Johnny Hallyday: confidences and a return to TV!

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on TF1 that Johnny will speak for the first time on television since his health problems in late 2009 and who had worried the whole of France. The rocker's favorite French received in its new home in Los Angeles Claire Chazal, to whom he spoke at length said. But it's a new Johnny discovers that one tonight.

Refined face, eyes said, Johnny Hallyday appears to have never been in such good shape. Probably thanks to the following Dukan diet for some time. Probably thanks to his lifestyle, reviewed thoroughly. In the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, today we learn that Johnny Hallyday "does not touch a drop for months" and that "the next step (will be) the cigarettes." A good resolution! Jean-Claude Camus "no longer" Still in the JDD, Johnny also admits he was scared of losing his voice after his coma.

Scarlett Johansson will present it at the Oscars?

This is not joy in this moment to the beautiful, which combines the hard times for several weeks. After splitting from Ryan Reynolds, two years after marrying, the blonde is going to probably cancel its participation, the ceremony takes place tonight. The cause: the discomfort of his father outside a restaurant in West Village in New York.

The father collapsed on the sidewalk. Her face struck the ground. The father of actress Vanessa was accompanied by his sister. It is the latter who accompanied him to the hospital for examinations. The record could have been much worse: the father of Scarlett Johansson suffers a head injury and will remain hospitalized for some time.

Vanessa Hudgens gorgeous for the premiere of "Beastly"

Vanessa Hudgens has found his makeup kit for the premiere of her new movie "Beastly," Thursday night (Feb. 24) in Los Angeles. The actress of "Sucker Punch" was simply resplendent in a purple strapless gown of British designer Julien Macdonald and perched on high heels, blue suede. Vanessa Hudgens was not alone in the evening because it was moving with his entire family including his beloved grandmother.

Emma Watson solar and elegant for collection "People Tree

The beautiful actress Emma Watson has collaborated a third time for the clothing line in Green Tree People posing with freshness to the brand! People Tree's goal is to propose, at fair prices, clothes that were made in respect of the environment. The pretty performer, among others, Hermione Granger, in the saga "Harry Potter" does not merely lend his image to the brand, she also collaborated on the design of certain items.

Between Ciara and Rihanna is war (virtual)!

It does not laugh any more between the two stars. The singers are clashées on Twitter, which is becoming common among people. Ciara is who started the war! "I cross at a party recently and she was not really pleasant, and it's crazy because I always loved and respected his involvement in fashion. I've already met before, but this Once this was clearly not meeting the most pleasant.

". That is said! Wishing to defend themselves, Rihanna continues: "Sorry, did I forgot to give you a tip?". In other words, Rihanna, Ciara has more soul than a waitress a star. Mea culpa and Reconciliation And Ciara, continuing: "Believe me Rihanna you do not want to see on or off stage." what the singer accused of plagiarism reply: "You're not a gangsta? Good luck to fill the scene you speak of.

Kim Kardashian takes up on new pictures!

Kim Kardashian takes her sexy side in what she says, and she did not hesitate to ask for a topless photo shoot (for "W Magazine") with only clothing jeans! The buxom brunette unveils generous shapes that Mother Nature has given him and which his success with the male ... The beautiful masks, however, his chest so delicate with his hands, so sexy, certainly not vulgar, this could be the motto of the Queen's reality show! No doubt these new stereotypes will again fuel the controversy over the side of the outrageously provocative girl.

Rihanna and Ciara, War on Twitter

Rihanna and Ciara have waged a war in Twitter that leaves much to be desired. Two pop stars on the internet discussing how to market women do not do, precisely, a disservice to young women. It all started with a commentary by Ciara has been followed by responses from Rihanna, the debate looks set to end in tragedy.

Ciara wrote, "I met Rihanna at a party, was not at all pleasant. It makes no sense because I have always adored and respected for what I do and for their style. I do not think I have pleasant memories of this approach I had. " Rihanna: "Too bad I am, what is the problem I never gave you tips for closer?".

Kate Middleton: his first act (Future) Princess

Kate Middleton is not a future princess, who will be adorned with jewels, tiaras and dresses sublime. No, it already seems to merit the title "princess of hearts" that the British people had given to Princess Diana. Kate Middleton has indeed been affected by the earthquake (with a capacity of 6.3 on the Richter scale) that struck Christchurch, one of the largest cities in New Zealand.

The future princess was therefore made in the presence of Prince William home to New Zealand in London. Together, they signed a condolence book, to honor the 147 people who lost their lives. Enough to be loved by all his subjects throughout the world. New Zealand is in fact part of the Commonwealth, and Kate will consequently Queen of this country someday.

Justin Bieber prepares his birthday!

And if Justin Bieber was finally a boy like the others? The young star (whose biographical film, Never Say Never, has released the movies) to celebrate its s'aoorête seventeen spring. And star or not, he wants only one thing: do family! He said that between faure tour, promotional campaigns, on TV sets, Justin Bieber did not really have time to find his.

In the U.S. magazine Entertainment Tonight, he says: "I hope that my grandparents will be there and I can spend some time with them. My grandmother makes the best cheesecake in the world, a cherry cheesecake. It me has already made one for my 13 years. " What luck. While he hopes a little family time is that it connects its tour in stride.

Marisa Jara is separated from Chente Escribano

The model Marisa Jara takes a month and a half in London where there for work and for Heart Today Beatriz Cortázar in ten days ago that she realized that her marriage to Chente Clerk had no future. The couple married in September 2009 in Ibiza after only four months into the relationship and the former Joaquin Cortes spoke of her husband as the man in your life, but a year and a half has told a close friend who is no longer Chente love.

Charlie Sheen gave an interview to ABC that will air on Tuesday

Actor Charlie Sheen has granted his first television interview to ABC News' Andrea Canning for a one-hour special that will air 20/20 next Tuesday March 1st at 22 am in the U.S.. When we have not recovered from the installation boot intention of writing a book about the secrets behind the filming of Two and a Half Men, Sheen returns to the fray.

In the interview, the actor, 45, will discuss his controversial comments about the series creator Chuck Lorre that led to the suspension of the series this week. Some excerpts from the interview broadcast on Good Morning America on Monday and Tuesday and through the ABC News platforms. Sheen's words on the birth name of Chuck Lorre, Chaim Levine, led him to be criticized by the Anti-Defamation League, to which he responded in the interview with Canning: "So you're saying that when someone Carlos Estevez call me, I can be accused of anti-Latino? "also explained that it was one hundred percent clean from their addictions.

The little quirks of Jennifer Aniston on his trip to Madrid

Jennifer Aniston promoted Follow me roll this week in Madrid, arrived with a new haircut, looked fun on the mound with his partner Adam Sandler and not quirks was great, despite being a first-class celebrity. More blonde, as discreet as ever wore in his two public speeches a look dominated by black and gold.

Shorts and tank top and a short dress with long sleeve vee neck and gold details, which is illustrating the information. In addition to participation in the program of Four, the actress was at a private party at Hotel Room Mate Oscar organized by its owner Kike Sarasola. As for the requirements in the hotel where he stayed, had a refrigerator full of drinks and light soy, fat yogurt and always had at its disposal a light Italian cheese platter.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mar Flores has been a mother of twins

The actress and former model, 41 Mar Flores has been a mother of twins at 11:40 this morning at the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid. Both mother and babies are in good health. With his arrival there are now four children born to Mark Two are the result of her marriage with Javier Merino, Beltran called Mauro and 7 and 4 years and the highest Carlos, son of the Italian Count Carlo Constance now has 18.

Cesar 2011: the beauty of the ceremony the most glam of French cinema

Secret Story: Julie and Senna, a fake couple?

Like every week, candidates of the latter are the headlines and many people magazine. Notably, the couple formed by Senna and Julie, who is the subject of two front pages, one of the other of. And, surprisingly, both magazines offer two stories are diametrically opposed. Thus, the first suggests that the pretty brunette with blue eyes would be with Senna for notoriety, it has still not left her fiance Lyon, which she attended even before the adventure.

Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and sex in Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have sex more than once in Sunrise. This had Jackson-Jasper Hale-Rathobone E! Online: "consummated their relationship and not just once." It seems that the characters that give life Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be carried away by passion in the fourth part of the Twilight saga.

At the time we showed you the photo you can see where you could see Bella and Edward in bed, but this must be done carefully because the age classification of the film is very important to the film's worldwide box. Rathbone has had a few things when asked about how will the sex scenes. "The film is PG-13, but also what is and is a union.

Jean-Luc Delarue Nikos reveals images of his speech against drugs

This Thursday, began his "tour de France" prevention against drugs as part of his rehabilitation. An event that marked the crowds, many admitting as troubled by the host, visibly moved, and almost uncomfortable. In its new issue, will focus on the facilitator, through "Heading Christophe Beaugrand. The latter attended the first speech, that viewers will discover in the show.

Also discover, including "Happiness broken Michel Polnareff", "Franck Dubosc like you've never seen" or "The incredible success of everything related to religion." Reports submitted by and as always Sandra Quétier, the duo's show.

Carla Bruni: Concerned for the health of his mother

After a hospital last November after a fall in the streets of Paris, Marisa Bruni Tedeschi has once again been hospitalized. And this time his clumsiness is not to blame. On holiday in his chalet in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, with his grandchildren, whose son of Carla Bruni Sarkozy, the mother of the First Lady has taken a severe kidney pain, who have literally paralyzed, Closer magazine reveals.

David Beckham: A New Tattoo by love for his son

It's no secret that David Beckham is a lover of tattoos. And it has offered a final madness of love for his son, by being reproduced the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on the torso. A drawing that depicts Jesus surrounded by three cherubs, and symbolizes the footballer and his three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

In a video posted on his Facebook, he says "It is Jesus who is carried by three angels, and of course, the cherubim are my boys. In my opinion, at some point my boys will have to look after me and they do it in the image. It means a lot. " To achieve this new tattoo, he drove home Mark Mahoney, very small world-famous stars, who has officiated in particular on the body of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

Ceremony Caesar: Some surprises in the ranking but not always good!

Last night, held the high mass of French cinema with the release, live on Canal Plus, the 36th ceremony of Caesar, which took place at the Theatre du Chatelet, an evening presented by Antoine de Caunes. Like every year, the evening of cinema has reserved surprises or rather improbable, and was marked by political events as the master of ceremonies, as usual, without relayed to fly.

It should be noted that the president of the Oscars, Jodie Foster, has breathed a breath of fresh wholesome in this parade of stars collar-mounted, the American actress has once again shown its mastery of the French language and paved with sparkling spontaneity of the evening awards presentation.

Christina Aguilera is at its worst!

Since her separation from her husband, Jordan Bratman, in October, Christina Aguilera is no longer the same woman ... to the point of worry to the highest degree relatives. The singer, 30, who has gained weight recently, even a shadow of herself ... She would not have just one wish, have fun with her new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, aged 25 years.

A source said: "His friends are tired. Nobody can reason with. They think she is more herself. And his ego is out of control. The young woman would have had sex with her boyfriend in the bathroom during a family reunion! A friend of the actress 'Burlesque', it would totally erratic behavior! He revealed: "She is really in a downward spiral.

Cesar 2011: An evening gala, a record unprecedented

This Friday, February 25 took place the 36th night of Caesar. On this occasion, who's who of French cinema met at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris to see the precious award statuettes. An event conducted in a master's hand by Antoine de Caunes, in charge of orchestrating all the beautiful people who parade on stage.

The jury, meanwhile, was chaired by Jodie Foster, while Quentin Tarantino was offered an honorary Cesar for his entire career, from the hands of Diane Kruger, Christoph Waltz, two actors from his Inglourious Basterds . Side winners, men and gods won the Cesar for best film, while Sara Forestier (The name for people) and Eric Elmosnino (For Gainsbourg (a heroic life)) were sacred Best Actress and Best Actor.

Charlie Sheen: Would it have totally freaked out?

"I hate violently [Chuck Lorre]" (aka the creator of the series). In a phone call passed TMZ, Charlie Sheen was categorical: he hates the creator of Uncle Charlie. "It's a stupid, stupid little man, and a lousy that I would never want to look like. And here I am being polite. To her fans, the actor wrote that Chuck is "a miserable maggot infected," which he hopes to "the misfortune (...)».

As he recalls Charles Levine, he renames Chaim, it is equally scathing: "Chaim, at last, I spent the last decade to transform it into pure gold and tin cans you suggesting," adding: "What then say that I judge and he's trying to destroy my image in his statements? I graciously ignored this madness for 177 episodes ...

Christina Aguilera out of control and alcohol problems

It seems that something is wrong in the life of Christina Aguilera in recent times has gone through his divorce with Jordan Bratman, and their recent appearances have played a trick, since that is still talking about the big blunder singing the U.S. anthem at the Super Bowl. Nor should we forget his new love affair Rutler Matt, whom they blame for the singer is out of control in recent weeks, it becomes worrisome state.

Justin Bieber: Her hair rise on the popularity of Internet

In January, Ellen DeGeneres, a famous television presenter in the U.S., announced on his Twitter that all she wanted for her birthday was peace in the world and ... a little hair of Justin Bieber (!) This week, the young singer was invited on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the latter, which sports a new haircut, seems to have heard the call of the moderator, since it offered him a bit.

Justin Bieber, his mother watches his expenses!

Despite his colossal fortune, Justin Bieber is restricted in his spending, a way of empowering the pop star 16 years with the money. Canadian singer who had nearly 100 million dollars in his bank account, would be a limit in its purchases. The mother of the young man would set a monthly budget not to exceed.

Justin Bieber said: "My money is placed. I only have one credit card, which allows me to spend a certain amount each month. If I reach the limit after one week, I can not buy anything until the end of the month. My mother is charged to watch me. The young star says not interested in the money he wins and insists he is dedicated solely to her artistic career.

Hilary Duff: The perfect woman?

Since Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff is all grown up and became a real woman, as she tells the magazine Grazia. Since her marriage, the latter tries to fulfill her role as wife perfectly, especially when she visits her man. "I do not live in the same city as my husband. I feel useful when I go see, when I do his laundry and shopping, all these things he does not himself, "she says.

And to the flame, the beautiful actress found a surefire way: send photos, naughty! An interview during which she also refers to his foibles and phobias: "I do not shake hands, you imagine all the germs that are spread! In France it worse, you kiss on the cheek! "She continues:" I also hate having to go to the bathroom in public.

Raquel Bollo, hard battle with a friend Chiquetete

If last Thursday appeared in Journal Save me, a friend of Chiquetete to discuss the past and cited Raquel Bollo flinch just saying that you knew nothing, same thing happened yesterday afternoon in the studios of Tele 5 and that calm anger and turned the situation almost did not end in tragedy. Then tell you all.

Paz Padilla had to deal with the following situation, Raquel Bollo arrive to prepare for the Deluxe and went to the clubhouse where is this supposed friend of her ex-husband, Manuel, after broach a "whore whore will have been your mother," begins a tremendous anger in the also immersed Luis Rollan.

Victor Sandoval says on the box to be divorced from Nacho Polo

On Friday night, Victor Sandoval faced Deluxe Box. The partner program that is in a delicate and emotional health after being bitten by a spider and "abandoned" by her husband of living apart since April last year when Miami was Nacho and he returned to Spain to be . When incorporated to Save me, leaving this topic and comment, beginning to form a ball which ended with a polygraph and the displacement of a program team to talk with Nacho Polo.

Jessica Simpson, losing weight and arguing with her boyfriend

Jessica Simpson is losing weight in a rush after the ultimatum given by Eric Johnson, her boyfriend. The girl is 30 years in the beautiful town of Cabo Cantina to achieve this healthy goal, but not everything is perfect in life. According to eyewitnesses, the singer was chatting animatedly with her fiance and other artists.

After starting the night went smoothly artist margarita after margarita drinking until it was bordering on the ridiculous. So much so that Eric himself rose from the table and went to his room. While Jessica tried to downplay the issue discussed other aspects, eyewitnesses suggest that the couple does not get as good as it may seem at first.

Michael Jackson's children are interested in the film world

Michael Jackson's children have given an interview to U.S. television where they have future plans that have much to do with the entertainment industry. Prince, 14, and Paris, aged 12, have not been released to the world of music, but it seems that both have dreams that have a lot to do with the world of Hollywood.

Something that according to his grandmother, Katherine Jackson be proud to her father. "I'm looking for opportunities in the entertainment business, primarily producing," Prince told ABC News. His interest in filmmaking was instilled by his father and is a sentiment shared by her sister Paris at which you would like to be an actress.

Selena Gomez unveils its new single and video on 10 and 11 March

The singer / actress Selena Gomez will release their new single "Who says" the next March 10 and the video directed by Chris Applebaum will be released the next day on 11 March. The song will premiere on the radio show from Ryan Seacrest, on 10 and its digital release will take place on 14 November. "Of all the songs I've recorded it -" Who says "- is the one that means more to me.

It is dedicated to all my fans, my family, "he wrote in his Twitter account. A day after the premiere the single, Selena present the video on Disney Channel. The video has already been filmed and she shared the experience of Twitter followers in early February. Commented that was filming the video for her new single, grateful for the support of their fans and commented that he could not wait for everyone to see.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Robert Pattinson is lonely and adopts a stray dog

It's funny to think that being one of the most desired by many women and certainly many friends and his alleged partner Stweart Kristen, Robert Pattinson sits alone and has therefore decided to adopt a dog who curiously was to be sacrificed. It appears that Pattinson is sick of that when you scroll to the film set one to accompany you as your friends tell you not part of his entourage and of course can not accompany the long months of filming.

Kate Middleton and William returned to the scene of their encounter

For their first official trip, William and Kate chose to honor with their presence a specific place: the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Kate Middleton wore a beautiful set of red suit and black leather gloves. She was able to remore once she had dressed up in precisely the same colors as the dresses of the students.

Their visit took place under the pretext of inaugurating a plaque celebrating the 600th anniversary of the University. But for William and Kate and in the own words of Prince, was "like coming home." It is indeed 6 years ago that William and Kate met on the benches of the University and their royal love was born.

Prince William: Harry provides him a bachelor party bachelor party!

This is a day that William will be remembered! On the eve of his highly publicized marriage with Kate Middleton, Prince goes, as all men have to bury his bachelor life. And as is tradition, the groom's best man is responsible for organizing, but this is another Harry, the younger brother of William. And it is famous for how fun! He has planned for his senior and his friends go on a weekend in southern England, between men, and has planned many activities.

Natalie Portman, pending active baby!

Despite the pregnancy, Natalie Portman does not change his lifestyle ... The actress was seen on Wednesday night (Feb. 23) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The young woman was not alone, she was accompanied by her fiance Benjamin Millipied and his faithful little dog! Natalie Portman has somehow tried to escape paparazzi present in numbers at the airport who continually seen passing stars! Natalie Portman arrived knew the West Coast to attend the Oscars, which could well spend the "Best Actress" for her role in "Black Swan".

Kelly Osbourne is the new Material Girl!

After the provocative Taylor Momsen, Kelly Osbourne is the new muse of the Material Girl's fashion collection, created by Madonna and daughter Lourdes. Photos from the new collection of clothing and accessories just been unveiled. The British singer was photographed by Brooke NiPar, poses in the streets of the East Village in front of graffiti wall.

On stereotypes, the young blonde woman wears the look of Madonna in the '80s, the heyday of his hit songs "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl". Kelly Osbourne, delighted to be working with the Madonna, said: "It's a real honor to be part of this campaign. It's been an incredible experience to work with Madonna and Lola.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, parents really discrete

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, now young parents, went out to do some shopping on Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 23) in Los Angeles. The two stars have done everything for Iberian go unnoticed but without success ... I must say that the couple does everything to keep a low profile since the birth of their son named Leo Encinas, last month.

Who will have the exclusive first picture of the baby? Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are keen to preserve their privacy, and we can understand them! One thing is sure, the Spanish actress, wore a black jacket and jeans already seems to have regained her figure slim. For his part, Javier Bardem, is preparing for the Oscars to be held this weekend.

Vanessa Hudgens has put his camouflage!

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted Wednesday morning (Feb. 23), doing his jogging in the streets of Los Angeles. The young woman unrecognizable without makeup, opted for an outfit sportswear, a gray hoodie, a black pedal pushers and a white baseball cap with the word "Faith" printed. Rather logical to run, right? However, Vanessa does not ensure the subsistence minimum in order to appear in public ...

John Galliano of Dior suspended

John Galliano was probably in a highly intoxicated when he had the altercation in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Has he provided uttering racial slurs and anti-Semitic? The investigation began, but in all cases, Dior decided to suspend its designer. This morning on Europe 1 that the couple had an altercation with Galliano told his story.

Galliano, visibly drunk, have launched their "Dirty Jewish face You Should Be Dead" ("fucking Jew face, you should be dead") and "Asian Fucking bastard, I Will Kill You" ("A species of dog Asiatic, I'll kill you "). About the ultra-violent and racist as the designer of 50 years denies having.

Christian Dior John Galliano suspended after being arrested for racial abuse

The creative director of Dior women's line, the renowned designer John Galliano has been mounted in Paris and has been arrested after having symptoms of drunkenness, assault and anti-Semitic insults throw a couple who was on a terrace in the Paris suburb of Le Marais . Although details are contradictory because it is not clear why the dispute and if the famous designer knew the couple who attacked her with insults, Galliano had to spend the night in police mostly waiting for the pass is drunkenness and to make the declaration.

John Galliano: Arrested and accused of anti-Semitism and Racism

It was nice to be on top of fashion, there may be behavior completely displaced. Proof is: the latest escapades of John Galliano, who toured the web at record speed. The famous designer, dubbed as "enfant terrible of fashion," was arrested on Thursday 24 February in Paris, and taken to the 8th arrondissement.

The reasons for this arrest: the behavior of the latter against a young couple at a cafe in the 3rd district. Indeed, the latter would, according to AFP report that, uttering "anti-Semitic slurs and racial! Two lawsuits have therefore been filed against John Galliano, who was released "on the instructions of the prosecution." Soon, his lawyer, Mr.

Secret Story: Stephanie did succumb Jessy Matador

If we have (too) used to talk about Senna and Amelia, their former roommates Secret Story continue their merry way, and, above all, find good reasons to do about them. Thus, the blonde Stephanie after being re breasts, had found the man of her life, and not only that, since it is Jessy Matador! This summer has ignited the Hexagon with its "Go Go", a title he had sung in Eurovision, where he represented France.

Lady Gaga: It will soon be able to pamper!

Zachary has just two months, and already, he is assured of having a life uncommon. Already, the cherub is fortunate to have as father the international star Elton John and his partner David Furnish. More importantly, it should be a godmother unusual: Lady Gaga. This is Perez Hilton, the famous American blogger, and very close to the stars, who announced the news on his blog.

And, according to him, David Furnish would in any way, confirmed the news in an interview: "Your sources are very good! I'd rather not comment on that for now as we prepare to make an official announcement about the sponsors in a short time. " Recall that Perez Hilton is very close to Lady gaga, which is one of her best friends.

Billy Ray Cyrus and jealousy he feels for her daughter's success

Billy Ray Cyrus not only had to suffer a divorce in 2010 but has also been through the infamous birthday of the singer. After commenting that Hannah Montana has ruined his life returns to open the can of worms for your family. Us Weekly says in its issue this week how Miley feels totally betrayed by her padretras several rumors.

Jealousy at the success of his daughter, tips the paparazzi to go to take pictures of his daughter at the time that he announced, poor family relations and the background every time you like least are the accusations that are made to former singer. After the aforementioned attack on Disney and the Hannah Montana character is the same company that says "Billy was always upset when he came on set.

Charlie Sheen rolling again and canceled CBS series "Two and a Half Men '

It seems that Charlie Sheen issue with CBS and the series 'Two and a Half Men' was all a chronicle of death foretold. From the popular and best paid actor of television saw embroiled in a scandal after another and ultimately finish the picture, the series has an uncertain future. So CBS has had to take a drastic decision.

Cancel the popular series, for the moment, sick of the bad behavior of the actor and they have communicated with a brief note. Based on the "behavior, conduct and condition" of Sheen. So far the suspension would be for the remainder of the season "more or less says the statement. Since Sheen returned from his latest scandal that led him to a rehabilitation therapy at home.

Jonathan Duforestel sacred Mister France 2011

Apollo 12 undress, marching in an attempt to delight viewers. This was the program proposed by NRJ12 this Thursday, February 24 in the second half of the evening. Indeed, the TNT channel proposed to discover the election of Mister France 2011. A year after the coronation of Anthony Garcia, viewers followed Jean-Philippe, Sébastien, Lionel, Rudolph, Christian, Hugh, Valentin, Anthony, Olivier and Jonathan United States, where the boys were facing various tests designed to prove that they had "not just physical." And also just for male viewers, NRJ12 appealed to Clara Morgane in Mistress of Ceremonies.

Taylor Swift says farewell to Asia!

The beautiful Taylor Swift, who just completed his tour of Asia, is back at home. The young country singer was spotted Tuesday night (Feb. 22) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The interpreter of "Speak Now", clearly tired by the journey, crossed the terminal, wearing a striped top and a little red skirt.

She also sported a strange hand on her temporary tattoo, the number 13 written in blue. The previous day, Taylor Swift gave the last concert of his Asian tour in Hong Kong. Apparently, it will keep very good memories of his time on the Asian continent. Immediately after performing on stage, the young woman twittered: "Hong Kong's show last night was unreal, this tour was unforgettable.

Bar Refaeli is a femme fatale in The Russian

Even a new roof for the sublime Bar Refaeli ... the Israeli model made the cover of Elle magazine in its edition of March. The young woman once again demonstrates that she is the queen of fashion! For several months, the pretty blonde connects the photo shoots and runway shows on the catwalk so disconcerting.

Everyone pulled up, and we understand why! The girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio is simply beautiful, dressed all in white, in the pages of famed magazine Mode. Add that the girl is very attached to her homeland, she recently bought a beautiful apartment in Tel Aviv for $ 2.8 million.

Michel Polnareff: It responds to criticism

Earlier this week, we learned that the wife of Michel Polnareff had "betrayed" by using a sperm donor to conceive Volodya, the singer thought was his biological son. An announcement by the voice of the star, or rather through her Facebook. Soon the news was repeated in various media, accusing some journalists Michel Polnareff have wanted to do a "little stunt." Things that have deeply hurt the singer, who has not failed to say in the columns of Gala.

Jean-Luc Delarue: "Last summer, I almost died because of drugs"

Announced in recent months, the tour Jean-Luc Delarue against drugs began on Thursday February 24 by a stop in Quimper (Brittany) in the private school the likes. The facilitator, who fights against his addiction, decided to share his experience to prevent youth and parents about the dangers of drugs.

Archirempli in an auditorium, he spoke for twenty minutes without taboo. And, according to witnesses in the room, Jean-Luc Delarue seemed particularly moved, and somewhat uncomfortable. "As a teenager I was wrong in my shoes. I was not very good at school while my brother so. When I started drinking in the evening, at the age of 13 or 14 years, I felt good, "says he, wishing, it seems, to show completely naked.

Blanca Suárez, very sexy on the cover of FHM

The pretty actress, 22, has posed very sexy and suggestive lingerie for FHM magazine. Blanca Suárez is a great professional and is currently working hard in both film and television. Meat just released film Neon, the series The boat successfully Antena 3, has already been renewed for a second season and have participated in the latest film by Pedro Almodovar, The skin I live.

The Interpreter starring some very sexy pictures in underwear and says he wants desencasillarse the role of schoolgirl. Her big break came with the boarding school where she played Julia and the truth is being waged not to wear uniforms, which would otherwise occur also in the boat, not in vain is part of the crew of a boat school.

Zahia in the skin of Brigitte Bardot!

We do not know what the former thinks blonde icon whose beauty was immortalized by Bunuel, Godard and Vadim, among others ... In any case, the escort girl of almost 19 years, Zahia, displays a natural photogenic taking a break for American V fashion magazine, reproduced on the cover of the Spanish edition.

In Vichy alluring pink jersey, the crimped blond hair and smoky eye, Zahia monkey star of the 1960s perfectly. It is a French designer who recently crossed the blonde by whom the offense came, by chance, in Paris and who had the idea for this shoot. Passing the word to U.S. editor of V, Stephen Gan, the latter exclaimed: "She's just the 8th wonder of the world! Not worship the history of bad girl became an angel?".

Lindsay Lohan: The prison seems inevitable

In early February, was once called to appear before the American courts for a new case: the theft of a necklace worth $ 2,500 in jewelry. At the bar, the pretty blonde has pleaded not guilty, and came out free after posting bail of $ 40,000. Meanwhile, LiLo proclaimed his innocence through his Twitter account: "I do not steal, where people might wonder.

I was not educated to lie, cheat, or steal. I just want to start to turn, and be quiet to work! "She said. This February 23, Lindsay was again called to appear for the same story for a second hearing. And immediately, Judge Keith Schwartz has made clear it would be difficult for the star to avoid jail with notoriety.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris were married on June 18

Playboy founder announced through the Twitter network committed to his girlfriend Crystal Harris, 24. Hugh Hefner, 84, surprised the Playboy girl with a ring on Christmas Day and is communicated to the world. A few months after the couple announced the date of its link will be on 18 June and is held in the mansion of tycoon-who want to know everyone, including Justin Bieber.

A Playboy spokeswoman has told People what the wedding date and where will. With a wedding on the horizon, Crystal Harris has begun to look to choose the right clothing, in addition to selecting the perfect wedding cake ... and pose for a pre-wedding in Playboy to be released in June before the link.

Lindsay Lohan, a video shows that he is guilty of theft of jewelry

Although in our country, the use of videos is not allowed to settle legal issues in the United States is completely normal and even encouraged to use them. The case of jewelry theft starring Lindsay Lohan has given rise to many statements about the actress. On day 8 the judge pleaded not guilty until they proved otherwise.

The recording made by the security cameras of the jewelry in question leave no doubt. At the same you can see exactly how Lindsay Lohan was hanging test that requested by the owner of the establishment and literally wearing it. At the moment it is trying to identify his companion who would have acted to commit theft hook.

Penelope Cruz appeared in public after being mother

Born January 22 Encinas Leo Cruz, the son of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz and actress giving birth just began a race against time to be radiant on 27 February at the Oscars. Her husband is nominated as Best Actor for Biutiful and think she will accompany you at this important time. The Madrid has been in the hands of specialists at Cedars-Sinai hospital for twelve kilos to lose to win with pregnancy and as we mentioned has a strict diet, but had to be 30 days without exercise, however, for the six prior to the Oscars has hired a personal trainer.

Justin Bieber celebrate its birthday with a cake of cheese and grandparents

Justin Bieber has no big plans to celebrate its 17th birthday next Tuesday, March 1. The Canadian says he does not want a big party because it has to be relaxed and concentrated, for the March 4 start their world tour. However, the young will have time to try the cheesecake from her grandmother and spend some time with her.

"Fortunately my grandparents will be here and spend some time with them," the singer told Entertainment Tonight in an interview that was broadcast Thursday. "My grandmother makes the best cheese cake, cheesecake with cherry. Made it for my 13 birthday, "he added. Recall that a few days ago we informed you that Pattie, the mother of Justin, he was going to give away a house in Los Angeles for her birthday.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss National will take an egg agricultural show!

This week, the war was Miss exported agricultural show. Thilleman Laury, Miss France 2011 "official" Endemol, Morel and Barbara, the National Miss Genevieve de Fontenay, were both present Porte de Versailles in Paris to attend the traditional appointment of France's terroir . While the first came to visit the cows Wednesday, the second made its appearance in the middle of the stands deli this afternoon.

Melrose Place reopens its doors in March on M6

The series has made all our adolescence. Aired from 1992 to 1999, the atmosphere of the soap opera has rocked thousands of lives over 7 years, thanks to the depravity of Amanda, Kimberly, Jennifer and Alison. That those to whom the pool of missing Melrose Place rejoice, adventure walks away with a brand new team, even more outrageous and luxurious than the last.

Ashlee Simpson will be the flaming redhead Violet, Colin Egglesfield embody Auggie, a cook, and Stephanie Jacobsen into the shoes of Lauren, a young woman doctor who also serves as a prostitute. The band gathers around Sydney Andrews, owner of Melrose Place, presented as "address the most outrageous of California." A dark and Machiavellian creeps quickly into the house of your dreams ...

Top Baptist Giabiconi available to fans for a special evening

It's not that supermodel. There is also a musician. The dummy Marseille Giabiconi Baptist, will be honored on Goom Radio for the evening of March 2. One hour will be devoted, from 19h to 20h, during which he will be questioned in particular by the founder of the radio, and then return to his exceptional career, a sports hall of Marseilles to the podium in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld, and Finally, music with its new tube electro-glam "Showtime".

Kate Middleton and William, a glamorous couple as Titanic

For their first official release, William and Kate Middleton have launched a boat ... not really the most out glam for a young couple who is busy preparing for marriage ... but the lovely Kate goes to great lengths to gain the love of English and the Queen, very conscious of protocol and tradition. Lovers have visited a rescue station on the island of Anglesey, Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station, near the base where William officiates as a helicopter pilot.

Justin Bieber takes a rake of Rihanna

It is a story probably too early aborted, a romance between the prince of R'n'B and Queen of R & B pop that would have held its breath. Justin was ready to forget Selena Gomez, his girlfriend whom he had already confessed her romantic feelings? In any case, her 7-year gap with his contender seemed to him not a barrier to a possible romance.

Justin Bieber was thus launched on the evening of NBA Allstar Game, where the girl was doing a show on the day of his 23 years. Joking with the young singer Rihanna and eventually make him a proposal: "I asked her if she wanted to go out with me, but it did not go very well because we're not together.

Zac Efron, super cute on the set of "New Year's Eve&quo

After a few days relaxing, Zac Efron has gone back to work! It was yesterday morning (Feb. 23) on the set of "New Year's Eve" with her co-star, actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The actor of "High School Musical" and the pretty blonde turned two outdoor stages in the streets of the Big Apple, with the objectives of paparazzi present in numbers! "New Year's Eve" follows the lives of several couples and single people in New York, Valentine's Day until New Year's Day.

Chris Brown's new album "FAE" looks tubesque!

Chris Brown, whose new album entitled "FAM E" (Fans Are My Everything) is due out in stores on March 21, raised the temperature by discovering the artwork and tracklisting by unveiling the official! A good way to wait his fans who have waited two years the output of the fourth album by the rap star and R & B, an album that follows "Graffiti," which went somewhat unnoticed in France ...

The album FAM E will be available in two editions, Standard Edition that will include 13 tracks and a deluxe edition that will feature 17 tracks, it will bring the title "Look at Me Now" and "Yeah 3x", already used as singles. The rapper turned to the idol of pop, the young Canadian Justin Bieber, to attend his album, he mentioned that collaboration via his Twitter account: "I know you're excited about this fresh collaboration with Justin Bieber on his album, but frankly the title is available on FAM E unbelievable.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, head for the pediatrician!

Finite life together, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr now have parental obligations. Both youth and parents brought their little boy, named Flynn, the pediatrician on Tuesday (February 22). The star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and his wife, one of the supermodels of the mark Victoria's Secret, were photographed leaving a medical center in Los Angeles.

The actor proudly wore her son in her arms before sending it to the mom ... He then hopped on his motorcycle for an unknown direction, while the Australian beauty and Flynn joined his small car. The son will have to wait another few years to make the bike with Dad. Apparently, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are the happiest parents in the world!

Kim Kardashian, very elegant for the release of her perfume

As everyone knows, Kim Kardashian is not a fan of pampering ... The young woman was still out last Tuesday (22 February) to launch her new fragrance at Macy's in California. The star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" knows how to boost sales! It appeared, sexiest ever, in a gray-blue gown to promote his fragrance to journalists and guests who made the trip.

Kim Kardashian add that seems to appreciate the new hairstyle of her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. "I saw her new haircut and it's really cute," she twittered. She added that her boyfriend, basketball player Kris Humphries especially loved her new fragrance, "He likes my perfume. He bears all the time, he loves this fragrance.

Britney Spears makes a break with her family in Louisian

Britney Spears has said goodbye yesterday Wednesday in his native Louisiana after spending a few days well deserved rest with his family in a bucolic and peaceful! The star of 29 was given a break in his busy schedule to fly to Louisiana and spend the holiday "President's Day" with his parents, his sister and of course his two charming toddlers, Sean Preston and Jayden James, who certainly look like two peas in their adorable mom.

Lady Gaga gets naked for Supreme and will be on the Oscar red carpet

I do not know that we got to see the ever controversial Lady Gaga every day rather surprised by their outfits or their actions, though, this has led him to be a phenomenon in every sense. His latest feat has been naked in a photo shoot in which poses completely naked, but you hardly see anything as it is to promote the brand of clothing and various accessories Supreme blocked.

The photographer responsible for immortalizing the pop diva has been Terry Richardson, other dances such as who enjoys this type of reporting, and covering his Gaga appears only small objects such as a shirt, a skateboard or a bag. Are all the clothes or accessories with which 'dresses' the singer of "Born this Way." It is clear that the boundaries of the singer for now has no limits, if we thought we had seen everything at the last gala of the Grammys, which was stuck in a kind of egg-incubator.

Valérie Trierweiler, Audrey Pulvar victim syndrome?

Valérie Trierweiler will Does the path of Audrey Pulvar suspended its political program i TV after the announcement of his relationship with Arnaud Montebourg. The brilliant journalist who officiates at Live 8 in Paris Match and may soon host a political talk show on Direct 8 ... but announced several months, the issue is not still on the air, which casts doubt on the arrival of this show on the air.

Mariah Carey, Usher and Beyonce sang for the clan Gaddafi

Wikileaks has struck again. This time is Mariah Carey makes the expense of the sensational revelations site specializing in information leakage. According to diplomatic cables from Wikileaks, including The New York Times echoes the singer would have received one million dollars to interpret four of his hits during the evening of New Year held in 2009 in the Caribbean by a son Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan head of state.

Megan Fox diets vinegar and leave it in the bones and no curves

Although lately it seems that actress Megan Fox is a bit removed from the tabloids or at least makes no representations subidita pitch pinion for that mouth, this does not mean that in the last images we have of it note the extreme thinness it looks. It appears that Megan is with strict diets and the diet of vinegar was proclaimed some time ago to keep the guy.

But now is not it look kind, having no longer has neither the curves that made being in first position of the most sexy. Perhaps some might even say a more stylish look with a waist the same as a child of 8 years, but the reality is that little by little is being left on the bones and there is talk of a possible anorexia and skeletal legs.

A remake of "Bodyguard" on track!

The Bodyguard movie is certainly more memorable for his legendary song "I Will Always Love You," which still makes us shudder with emotion 20 years later, only for his plot. But that could soon change. According to the website Deadline, Warner Bros. Studios. currently working on a remake of the film made famous by Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

In the movie directed by Mick Jackson and released in theaters in 1992, a former secret agent reluctantly agreed to become the bodyguard of a singer, threatened by one of his admirers. The story of the new version is substantially similar to the original film - a few little details ready.

"X Factor" arrives March 15 on M6

It's now official. Expected on the program grid of M6 for several weeks, X Factor, the new tele-hook the chain will be launched Tuesday, March 15, according to our colleagues of Pure Media. This new program will replace the New Star shelved by M6 after hearings in recent disappointing seasons. If the X Factor format has already been proven in other countries including the UK, where he is the most-watched broadcast British TV in France, the public remains to be conquered.

Justin Bieber inquired about the Playboy mansion

Justin Bieber inquired about the Playboy mansion and has conveyed his wishes to the popular magazine founder Hugh Hefner. The octogenarian was delighted to show it. The young Canadian did not go alone and take his father with him. The employer Hefner brought his bride the former playmate Crystal Harrys to see the documentary film by Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Valentine's day and now the singer has expressed his desire to know his famous property and "bunnies" for Playboy live there.

For his bachelor party boy, Prince William joins in!

Extreme sports and "Barathon" program will be the burial of bachelorhood Prince William. Before marrying his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, April 29, the groom of 28 years will spend a whole weekend to enjoy his last hours of singles. The festivities, which will be invited a dozen friends of the prince, will be convened by the witness (and incidentally brother) Prince Harry, and should cost 100 pounds per head.

Lady Gaga unveil its new video monday!

The video for "Born This Way" will arrive there at the ankle to that of "Bad Romance" or "Alejandro"? It will not take very long to know. According to blogger Perez Hilton's information, the new video from Lady Gaga will indeed be released on 28 February. So next Monday! Directed by Nick Knight, who has directed videos including Björk (you get the picture), the video for "Born This Way" will be available from 11 am U.S.

George Clooney: "I've slept with too many girls to go into politics!"

By his many political positions and his defense of humanitarian causes, George Clooney has had many occasions to prove he was not an actor with a pretty face. But do not expect that the political ambitions of former Doug Ross ER one day take precedence over his Hollywood career. "You know, I have not lived my life as I should if I had wanted to do politics, "said George Clooney in Newsweek magazine.

Drew Barrymore was having fun with her handsome lover

At one time, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were the coolest couple in Hollywood. Can their romance has éfilochée suddenly breaks and reunions ... and even ruptures. Since then, Drew butterfly without necessarily trying to settle down permanently or to find his own half. And to see her with her new lover, she has good reason to enjoy! But who is this handsome dandy with whom the actress strolls past few weeks? Will Kopelman is a good match.

The prostitute sister of Mariah Carey comes to light

Sister of Mariah Carey is not always synonymous with a life of luxury. In many cases, the world's most famous artists of music not only hide his private life but also brothers and sisters who "do not matter." Mariah Carey's sister, living with HIV and prostitute, has decided to talk and The National Enquirer is the publication chosen.

Alison Carey Scott is a prostitute for years, mother of 4 children, is selling her body through a web under the name of Denise and misrepresenting their real age. When $ 250 is charged even though she says "It's not prostitution, just go with them, I make an erotic massage and masturbation." It was an Enquirer reporter who posed as a client and she appeared, Alison told him that "My family refuses to help.

"Glee" will not show on M6

It was supposed to be the TV event earlier this year but M6 has decided otherwise. At a press conference organized by the chain in December to announce the launch of Glee, the music series is a chart of the Atlantic, M6 had indicated that the series would arrive "in the coming weeks" on the air, refusing However, to give a precise date.

Two months later, still waiting. Today, we learn that after many weeks of procrastination, M6 finally decided not to air the series Gleeet let his little sister, W9. However, as was already widely expected, although M6 will broadcast the first episodes of Glee in prime time, before the series is relegated to W9.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco replay Grease

It is undoubtedly a taste of the show to prepare for the Oscars. James Franco and Anne Hathaway will indeed host the ceremony on 27 February. This evening is always an opportunity to show high fly to relax the atmosphere, and if one believes the recent video, assistance should be fun. Explore therefore below the 19-second video, a tribute to the mythical You're the One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Justin Bieber Jonas Brother worst record and worst band in the NME Awards 2011

Yesterday we celebrated the Shockwaves NME Awards 2011 at Brixton Academy London O2. Awards NME partitioning each year and can say they are like the Razzies of music, you will pay more attention to those who take the award for 'worse' than those who are awarded as 'best' . And again the young man who moves masses is Justin Bieber and magazines longer monopolizing their comings and goings that focus on black thrive in your career, as experts have predicted the music has been one of the worst awards the worst album for 'My World'.

Paris Hilton, the heiress latest news

Paris Hilton, the unique entrepreneur and model, has gained weight in recent months. Which showed their almost emaciated figure all over the world now looks better than ever. The media are always attentive to every detail regarding the Hilton, has echoed this new image and has chosen to tell directly what has happened to make it look more curved than ever.

Rumors pointed strongly to a pregnancy that concerned itself has been quick to deny. Ok! Magazine published an interview with the girl and she does not hesitate to comment on this event and its relationship with its most famous friendships. As always, his remarks leave no one indifferent.

Kylie Minogue plan to have a child and marry Andrés Velencoso

Australian singer Kylie Minogue has had to adopt or have a child through a surrogate mother and is raised to marry Andrés Velencoso. He admits that motherhood has emerged in it since her sister Danii was mother last year of his nephew Ethan. The artist has stated earlier that after spending a breast cancer, could not have children naturally.

"I think about it and I'm considering options for children and family are very important to me. It's something I have in mind, "admitted Kylie, 42. The singer spent three years dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso, ten years her junior, came before the French actor Olivier Martinez. "It's a very special man.

Justin Bieber was meditating his haircut six months

The Canadian singer Justin Bieber surprised the world and its millions of fans with his new haircut earlier in the week. This opened a discussion of dimensions "excessive" to the issue that is about whether the boy was more favored or not his new look was leaving behind its brand image. People have talked to your hair stylist and consultant, Vanessa Price to see how this change took place.

"I was ready," explains consultant who brings with him a long time. "Cut your hair is just part of the process of evolution and growth for everyone, and I think he was ready," he says about the more mature style. But it was not an impulsive decision, "we were talking about this the past six months or so, more or less definitely has been on the horizon for some time," says Vanessa.

Selena Gomez, queen of chic Paris and queen of sushi in Japan!

The singer / actress Selena Gomez, currently in Asia to promote the Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place, took time before his departure for Japan, to pose in France, specifically in the Capital of Love! So in Paris that the beautiful brunette has put his luggage to indulge in a photo shoot for the famous magazine Gala, and it's a nice view of the city that the magazine offers its readers, Tour Eiffel, famous red roofs and chimneys of course the always exquisite Selena.

Emma Watson fits a little evening fun in England

Yes, Emma Watson is a young woman like any other, and as such, she has nothing against a little festive evening! One can be serious, we're not so young, beautiful and famous with a mad desire to entertain ... Emma was spotted at a party in London, February 21, more precisely in a nightclub called Bungalow 8.

On this occasion, the little English has not moved since it was only accompanied by a nice young man, unknown to the battalion. Necessarily crazy rumors begin to run, some media are already talking about a possible romantic relationship between the pretty face with short hair and the handsome stranger who was photographed with the interpreter of Hermione Granger.

Zac Efron or simplicity itself!

Here is a boy who knows travel with class! Zac Efron was spotted last Monday (Feb. 21) at LAX International Airport. The actor, wearing a simple jeans and a leather jacket, once again demonstrates that he is a nice guy both before and behind the spotlight! In addition to a physical rather advantageous, Zac Efron is also known for his kindness ...

It makes you wonder why Vanessa Hudgens, let it go! Despite their recent breakup, the two former lovers seem to have good relations, and they were seen together the weekend, the NBA All-Star. Zac Efron add that also went to a private party for the anniversary of Rihanna in Beverly Hills.

Alexandra Stan moves us with his "Mr. Saxobeat"

After Inna, another Romanian singer (just as sexy!), Alexandra Stan, is preparing itself also to invade Europe. The young woman seems to follow the footsteps of her sister and became, in turn, a star of Eurodance. His first single, "Show Me The Way" released in 2009, was known in his country, Romania.

She then released the single "Lollipop" which became his first success. But Alexandra Stan owes its boom in Europe thanks to his latest title "Mr. Saxobeat, confirming that the dance came from Eastern Europe has the wind in its sails for some time. The blonde singer, aged 22, she will experience the same glory Innis, the pretty brunette, who squatted the charts worldwide for several months? Although the title "Mr.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Demi Lovato held a party with her new love Wilmer Valderrama

There are several news about the actress and singer Demi Lovato have emerged in recent days, though some are a bit dubious to believe, but it does take more force Wilmer Valderrama is the one which occupies the heart of the actress in place of Joe Jonas . The Disney star and had a good friendship with Valderrama before placement in a rehabilitation clinic.

Famous for his role on "That 70s Show ', it seems that little by little has been strengthening friendship and Demi is ready to fall in love again and with which he is taking it all better. Another news is that several websites talking about a new scandal. The Gather web quoting sources said that Lovato held a party at his house with Wilmer and alcohol had to run to seas.

The star of "V" Quotes: "Mentalist"

Ladies, beware: the queen of crack Visitors will spit his venom on the beautiful Jane Patrick. According to the magazine Entertainment Weekly, Morena Baccarin, who plays the role of the evil (yet seductive) Anna in the new version of the fantasy series V (released in France on TF1), will appear in an episode of the third season of The Mentalist.

Originally from Brazil, Morena Baccarin, who also appeared in the series and Firely StargateSG-1, encamp Erica Flynn, the owner of a matchmaking agency that hides a dark secret. According to notes of casting, Erica is "a sexy woman, attractive, intelligent and generous." A charm that should not leave unaffected the equally seductive Patrick Jane (Simon Baker).